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Acuity Car Insurance Review

Acuity Car Insurance CompanyAcuity is a regional car insurance company that is recognized nationally for intellectual capital and operational excellence. The company has also earned many accolades for its superior financial products and solutions.

Apart from providing insurance services, the Acuity auto insurance company is also known for community philanthropy, technology advancement and recognition of its staff in the workplace.

Should you purchase an Acuity auto insurance policy? Read through this Acuity car insurance review to get some more details about this company and then be sure that you compare rates from at least 5 different auto insurers before buying a policy. Enter your zip code in on this page for free rate quotes!

Background of the Acuity Insurance Company

Acuity Car Insurance was founded in 1925 by a group of independent brokers. The aim of the formation was to meet the needs of the rising number of car owners that were transforming America during the time. Today, the company has grown to be one of the leading insurers and has a reputation of innovating policies and services that address the unique needs of their clients.

What Does Acuity Car Insurance Offer?

Acuity provides both personal insurance and commercial products.

Personal insurance products include:

  • Identity theft cover
  • Personal billing options
  • Homeowners coverage
  • Personal auto coverage
  • Personal packages coverage

Commercial insurance products include:

  • Commercial billing options
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Commercial property coverage
  • Commercial special coverage
  • Commercial inland marine
  • Commercial automobiles and garages coverage
  • Commercial crime coverage
  • Commercial excess liability and umbrella coverage
  • Commercial general liability coverage

Acuity Car Insurance Cover

Acuity car insurance is a product line that covers the auto insurance and personal needs of the client. The coverage includes:

a) Replacement Cost Coverage

  • Partial losses to the car are guaranteed to be repaired with brand new parts
  • If the car is totally destroyed, the client will be given a brand new replacement car

b) Lease/Loan Payoff

  • This covers the gap that may exist between the value of the car in the event of a partial or total loss and the amount owed under a lease or loan

c) Car Damage

  • Towing of disabled car
  • Glass breakage
  • Vandalism
  • Fires or lightning
  • Windstorm or hail damage
  • Theft of the car
  • Collision of the car with another car or object

d) Underinsured Motorist

  • Injuries to the driver and their family as pedestrians
  • Injuries to the driver, their family and any occupants of the car
  • Damages to which the driver is legally entitled for injuries caused by an underinsured motorist.

This option is only available to motorists in Tennessee, Kansa and Colorado.

e) Uninsured Motorist

  • Injuries to the driver or his family as pedestrians
  • Injuries to the driver, his family and any pedestrian in the car
  • Damages to which the driver is legally entitled to for injuries cause by a hit-and-run driver or an uninsured driver.
  • The driver’s collision deductible if they are injured by an insured motorist ( This is an optional coverage in certain states and is not available in Colorado)

f) Personal Injuries Protection

  • Injuries to the driver and their family as pedestrians
  • Injuries to the driver, their family and any pedestrians in the car
  • Loss of income, medical and rehabilitation expenses, value of household services and funeral expenses dues to a car accident.

This option is only available in Minnesota, North Dakota and Kansas.

g) Medical Payment

  • Injuries to the driver and their family as pedestrians
  • Injuries to the driver, their family and other pedestrians in the car
  • The driver’s reasonable medical expenses for three years from the date of the accident
  • The driver’s medical payment is doubles if they are wearing a seat belt (Not available in South Dakota)

h) Liability

  • Costs of defending suits and settling claims
  • The client’s obligations to others for property damage or bodily injury

Acuity Car Insurance Discounts

Acuity car insurance offers discounts for:

  • Safe drivers
  • Good students/Graduates
  • Multi-car insurance

Buying Acuity Car Insurance

Acuity Car Insurance has proved to be popular with motorists due to the tailored solutions that they provide. Both individuals and companies find working auto insurance solutions from the company. Before making a buying decision based solely on your Acuity car insurance quotes, be sure to compare quote from other insurance companies. Enter your zip code in on this page to get started!