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Can you buy car insurance with a suspended license?

Most car insurance companies will not issue an auto insurance policy to someone with a suspended drivers license. So what happens to your insurance when your license is suspended?

car insurance when my drivers license is suspendedYou are not allowed to operate a vehicle under a suspend license so the auto insurance company considers you extremely high risk. A question a lot of drivers ask is:

What happens to my current car insurance policy if my drivers license is suspended?

For current policy holders (which most drivers already were before the suspension) there are a couple things to consider when your drivers license gets suspended.

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How much car insurance do you need now?

Depending on the length of your suspension and whether or not any additional drivers are in the household you may only need the bare minimum state requirements while your license is suspended. Reducing coverage is sometimes a much better option than having to re-apply for car insurance after your driving privileges get reinstated.

It may be possible to get a temporary hold on your insurance. Many auto insurance companies offer short term holds or option to temporarily reduce coverage so ask.

Getting a new car insurance policy after having your drivers license suspended can be very difficult so many people just keep the current policy and simply find a way to minimize the cost.

How can my drivers license get suspended?

There are many reasons how a drivers license can get suspended. From a DUI charge to simply not paying a traffic fine.

Whenever you have an encounter with a law enforcement official (no matter how minor) its important you take any fines or request for information quite serious as some States are known for suspending your drivers license without notice.

Will I be required to file a SR-22 form?

get car insurance when my drivers license is suspendedAn SR-22 form is simply proof of financial responsibly (almost always required with a DUI charge or car accident where you did not have sufficient coverage in place to cover the damages) and is provided to the DMV or Court by your car insurance company.

Obtaining car insurance when under a SR22 requirement can be very expensive.

Not all drivers who have their license suspended will require a SR22 form completed but this varies from state to state. Suspensions simply due to an unpaid speeding ticket may not warrant enough of a reason for you to file an SR22 form while other times it will.

The most important thing to do when trying to reinstate your drivers license is understand exactly what is required and follow the steps thoroughly to make sure you get your driving privileges back in a smooth fashion.

Dealing with government agencies can be very difficult at times so have some patience. If you need to get a new car insurance policy after a license suspension then its critical you compare car insurance companies to compare rates.

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