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What is permissive use coverage?

woman with keys What is permissive use coverage?At one time or another most of us will let a friend use our vehicle. Whether its running to the store to get some last minute items for the BBQ or a quick test drive of your new sports car its almost impossible not to let someone use your vehicle during the life of ownership.

Most car insurance policies cover these temporary uses under whats known as Permissive Use Coverage. This provides coverage for anytime you lend your vehicle to other individuals and they become involved in an accident.

Permissive auto coverage is usually part of standard car insurance policies however there are many exclusions so before handing your keys to anyone for the first time always contact your car insurance company to confirm you/they will be covered.

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Car Insurance: Never Assume Anything

Auto insurance is a big business and one where a lot of drivers really have no idea about the coverage they have. Many consumers believe they will be automatically covered with some kind of blanket protection no matter ho much damage is caused but this is far from the truth. Even handing out keys to a best friend can often expose you to personal liability so before operating a vehicle you must always take the time to understand car insurance.

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How Do I find a Car Insurance Agent?

Car insurance premiums and reputation are two of the big reasons why people switch/choose an auto insurance company but if you have little knowledge of car insurance you may also want to choose an agent who can (and will) explain the details in layman terms. There should never be any pressure to buy car insurance and if you require an explanation of every single line item then you have a right to get it. This can be tough for many agents as they really are just salesman at the end of the day but always remember its your money so if you can’t get the explanation you need before you buy coverage … then look for another agent. If you’re wondering can someone with third party cover drive a hired car, this is something else an agent can assist you with.

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