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Affirmative Car Insurance Review

Affirmative Insurance Company operates in 11 states and has curved a niche for itself as a company that caters for drivers who are looking for an “affirmative solution” to their car insurance needs. The company is headquartered in Shelby, Ohio but also has offices in California, Florida and Texas. Read through this Affirmative auto insurance review and then to compare free quotes from many top auto insurance companies online just enter your zip above!

Background of the Affirmative Insurance Company

Affirmative Insurance Company was previously owned by Vesta Insurance Group that is based in Alabama. In 2005, Vesta sold all its Affirmative shares to Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. that is based in Addison, TX.

Affirmative Insurance mainly operates mainly in Indiana and Illinois and specializes in non-standard auto insurance services through a network of independent agents in 11 states. Standard and Poor’s has not rated the company but the Better Business Bureau gives it a high rating.

The largest states where Affirmative operates are Illinois, Florida, Indiana, South Carolina and Missouri.

Affirmative Car Insurance Discounts

Affirmative offers different types of car insurance discounts to its clients. However, unlike most insurance companies, there are common factors that are not taken into consideration when determining the premiums that clients will pay. Below are some of the areas that the company offers discounts on:

  • Discounts for clients who take multi car insurance (13% to 18%)
  • Discount for mature driver’s course (5%)
  • Discount for students who maintain high grades in school (5%)

No discounts are offered for the following:

  • Group plans
  • Low mileage
  • Passive restraints
  • Drivers training course
  • Carpool credits
  • Auto daytime running lights
  • Cars fitted with anti-lock brakes
  • Cars fitted with anti-theft devices
  • Cars with airbags

Other things to note about Affirmative car insurance include:

  1. The minimum deductible on collision cover is $500
  2. The minimum deductible for comprehensive cover is $500
  3. The maximum limit offered for Med Pay is $500

Tailor-Made Car Insurance Solutions

Many non-standard drivers find refuge in the tailor-made solutions offered by Affirmative. Drivers with a blemished driving past, including speeding tickets and fender benders, can get fairly monthly rates from the company.

Non-standard drivers include those who do not have a prior coverage, those with a custom built vehicle or those who fall under a particular age. Such drivers are considered high-risk due to a number of reasons and will usually be categorized as non-standard. The company considers a number of factors in coming up with a rate for each client.

Types of Car Insurance Cover Available

Affirmative Insurance offers clients two major types of coverage: full cover and liability-only policies.

  1. For Full Cover, the client will be compensated for all insured losses.
  2. Liability-only policies offer protection in case a lawyer is needed in case of a lawsuit or when bodily injury occurs to third parties during an accident.

Pros and Cons of Affirmative Car Insurance Cover

  • The main advantage of Affirmative Insurance is its tailor-made solutions.
  • The company offers good plans for non-standard drivers who may have to pay higher premiums in other insurance companies.
  • Affirmative offers discounts and fair monthly rates to such drivers.

However, the disadvantages of the company include:

  • It does not consider efforts made by the car owner in making their car safer when determining the premiums.
  • Also, some prospects are wary of purchasing insurance from the company since it is not rated by AM Best.

Affirmative Insurance only operates in the following states: AZ, AR, CO, GA, IL, IN, IA, NE, ND, and WI. This may explain why it is not popular with many people. However, non-standard drivers in the aforementioned states may find the company to be their best option.

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