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DMV Point System Guide

What is the Driver License Point System?

Almost all states have some form of driver license demerit point system. The idea being the point system is to provide a safer environment for drivers and penalize drivers who do not obey state traffic laws including posted speed limits, rules of the road and activities at the scene of an accident.

While the point system came under great controversy when first introduced it has now become a widely recognized method of keeping our roads safe. The point system has several elements to it including a DMV driver license point system for mature drivers and young drivers. Newly licensed drivers often operate under a much tighter version of the standard DMV demerit point system but as time goes by and young drivers prove responsibility behind the wheel the normal DMV point system will apply.

What are Driver License Points?

Basically demerit points are awarded whenever a driver is ticked and convicted for an infraction of traffic laws including failure to wear a seatbelt, right turn on a right red light, speeding beyond posted limits and almost any violation of state traffic laws.

Each offense is given a point value where drivers have a maximum number of points (usually 12) before any threat of license suspension happens. Car insurance companies however can raise your rates after a few points. Some states do have laws which restrict car insurance companies from raising your car insurance rates from a single ticket however keep in mind many times drivers are often ticketed multiple times at the same stop.

Does the Point System work?

Yes. Studies show that the driver license point system plays a big role in helping reduce accidents and traffic violations and currently most States employ some kind of demerit point system to help track driving history of drivers.

How many Points do you have?

This is certainly one of the biggest misconceptions about the point system. Drivers do not have points – they accumulate them. As a good driver with no demerit point offences your driving record will show zero points. Only when you are convicted of a traffic offense do points actually get awarded to your drivers license. The easiest way to think about this is not as having points to lose but you can only accumulate so many.

How long do Points stay on my driver record?

This varies by state but most demerit points often fall off your driving record after 2 years. Every driver should contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles for particulars on demerit point systems in a particular state.

DMV Driver License Point System Guide

Click your state below to learn more about driver license points and how accumulating points can affect your driving privileges and car insurance rates.

  • Alabama Points System
  • Alaska Points System
  • Arizona Points System
  • Arkansas Points System
  • California Points System
  • Colorado Points System
  • Connecticut Points System
  • Delaware Points System
  • Florida Points System
  • Georgia Points System
  • Hawaii Points System
  • Idaho Points System
  • Illinois Points System
  • Indiana Points System
  • Iowa Points System
  • Kansas Points System
  • Kentucky Points System
  • Louisiana Points System
  • Maine Points System
  • Maryland Points System
  • Massachusetts Points System
  • Michigan Points System
  • Minnesota Points System
  • Mississippi Points System
  • Missouri Points System
  • Montana Points System
  • Nebraska Points System
  • Nevada Points System
  • New Hampshire Points System
  • New Jersey Points System
  • New Mexico Points System
  • New York Points System
  • North Carolina Points System
  • North Dakota Points System
  • Ohio Points System
  • Oklahoma Points System
  • Oregon Points System
  • Pennsylvania Points System
  • Rhode Island Points System
  • South Carolina Points System
  • South Dakota Points System
  • Tennessee Points System
  • Texas Points System
  • Utah Points System
  • Vermont Points System
  • Virginia Points System
  • Washington Points System
  • West Virginia Points System
  • Wisconsin Points System
  • Wyoming Points System

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