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How long do points stay on your driving record or drivers license?

how long do points stay on my driving recordThe answer to how long points stay on your driving record will be based on what state your drivers license was issued in and where you live. Every state has specific laws and/or guidelines which determine how long points stay on your record for.

Drives license points are administered and set by the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state.

Something worth nothing is that many times points will stay on your driving record longer than they actually count against you. There are some similarities behind points and credit scores in that way. Although you may have had traffic violations in the past which still appear on your driving record its possible that if they are old enough you still have a clean driving record according to some car insurance companies.

What must I know about the Point System?

Before attempting to learn about the point system you need to realize that driving is a privilege. A driver’s license is not a right under the constitution but a privilege easily passed on to people with minimal requirements.

Governments, states and other drivers expect you to follow the rules of the road and by endangering others or violating traffic laws your drivers license can be subject to temporary suspension or permanent revocation in extreme cases.

The point system is fairly easy to understand and the vast majority of drivers never reach any kind of problem point where a drivers license suspension is near but as a driver you should become familiar with the point system in your state.

A complete guide to the point system by state can be found here.

What is an Example of the Point System?

Anytime a traffic violation occurs and you are ticketed the offense may be subject to points. The number of points and how the accumulation of points impact your drivers license will vary from state however lets use Florida for an example. A Florida drivers license will be suspended automatically for any driver who incurs the following number of points within the given time frame:

  • 12 points in any 12-month period is an automatic 30-day drivers license suspension
  • 18 points in any 18-month period is an automatic 30-day drivers license suspension
  • 24 points in any 36-month period is an automatic 30-day drivers license suspension

A Florida driver can accrue points in a number of ways including such items as:

  • 6 points for leaving the scene of an accident (with damage greater than $50) or speeding violations which result in an accident
  • 4 points for driving recklessly, attempting to pass a stopped school bus, exceeding posted speed limits by over 15mph or more.

You can our full Florida state guide to DMV traffic points here as these are just a couple examples. There are many other ways to incur points and drivers should be aware almost ALL moving violations will be subject to demerit points on your driving record.

What are Safe Driving Points?

Some states (such as Virginia) actually offer safe driving points as awards to drivers who are accident and ticket free every year.

Think of safe driving points as earning points back for good behavior.

For example, Virginia state law currently (2010) offers ONE safe driving point to all Virginia drivers license holders who have had no traffic violations or suspensions in a calendar year. You can only earn a maximum of 5 safe driving points in Virginia but they can be used to offset a ticket’s points when / should the time come.

The best way to learn about individual state safe driving points is to view our State Guide to DMV traffic points. Already understand the point system? Get FREE car insurance quotes online today!

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