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UPDATED: Sep 14, 2017

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Key takeaways...
  • Suffering a memory lapse and forgetting the name of an insurance company can be stressful but still easy to deal with
  • Take a number of deliberative steps for discovering the insurance company’s name and do so without delay
  • Any discoveries about a lapse in auto insurance coverage must also be addressed immediately
  • Drivers should take the opportunity to perform comparison shopping for a new policy after forgetting the name of the current provider

Car insurance customers can and do forget what particular company sold them an auto insurance policy. While forgetting the name of the company is serious, fairly undemanding steps might all that is necessary to figure out who the insurer is.

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A sharp memory is a good thing. Recalling specific facts, details, and events without having to look things up can make life a lot easier at times. Unfortunately, due to any number of reasons, a person’s memory might not always be sharp.

The inability to recall minor, unimportant details might not be too big of a deal in many situations. The inability to recall the name of an auto insurance provider, however, could prove incredibly problematic.

A person who causes an accident will surely be asked who his/her insurance provider is. If no insurance cards are present in a vehicle’s glove compartment, then recalling from memory seems to be the only option.

Not being able to recall the name of the insurance provider by memory makes a complicated situation even more difficult.

Check the Glove Compartment


Where should the current proof of insurance card be? Most people are sure to say the glove compartment. Hopefully, the insurance card rests next to the current vehicle registration card. These are the two items a police officer asks for upon pulling a vehicle over.

Learning the name of the insurance company might require nothing more than checking the glove compartment for a new or old insurance card.

If there aren’t any cards in the glove compartment, procure a new one and put the document in its proper place as soon as possible.

When no card is present, other steps need to be taken to figure out who the insurance provider is. The steps aren’t too difficult, thankfully.

Research Payments

In order for an auto insurance policy to be active, the policy must be paid. Most people pay either by check or with a credit/debit card. Some might employ an electronic funds transfer from their bank.

Regardless of the payment method employed, records and documents should exist. A little research with preferred financial institutions could reveal all.

  • check credit card statements
  • look for receipts
  • contact your bank
  • ask your lender

Each time a charge is made, credit card statements list specific information about the dates, amounts, and payees. Thanks to the internet, several years of past statements can usually be accessed through a private online account.

Calling the credit card company — or companies — customer service number could be worthwhile if the statements don’t show anything. The customer service department(s) may help with launching a lengthier search.

Going through old check books for receipts for payments made to insurance companies reflects simple detective work capable of revealing the insurance provider. Contacting the bank about electronic funds transfers would be another option.

Financial institutions house a lot of information. Lenders, in particular, might keep a lot of details in a borrower’s file.

Cars still being financed through a bank or other lender present another research avenue. The lender probably has information regarding the identity of the insurance company. After all, the lender wants to be sure the car is covered in case an accident occurs.

Call the DMV


A call to the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) might yield information regarding the name of the provider. Each and every DMV operates in a different manner. The state of California, for example, makes researching insurance status extremely easy.

A simple online inquiry is all that is necessary.

A call to the DMV should be a toll-free affair. Nothing other than a small amount of time needs to be invested in seeing if the local office can help.

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Has the insurance lapsed?

Forgetting about the name of the insurance company might accompany forgetting to pay or renew an auto insurance company. The end result of this would be the cancellation of the insurance policy.

Things could become utterly disastrous for those who allow an insurance policy to lapse.

For one, no protections exist against any liabilities committed by a negligent driver. If the driver causes an accident and no insurance is in place, the driver is personally liable and responsible for any judgments.

Judgments in the range of several hundreds of thousands of dollars are possible.

The need to get the best insurance coverage in place is one thing that motivates people to perform consistent comparison shopping for quality insurance. The best policy provides the best coverage. No policy means no coverage.

No coverage also presents legal risks. Depending upon the state in which the driver lives, the penalties for driving without insurance might be significant.

  • Many states may only levy a fine
  • Some states do come with the potential for jail time
  • You may receive misdemeanor conviction on your permanent record

Anyone who can’t remember whether insurance is in place really needs to confirm that information without delay. The repercussions of driving without insurance could be life-altering.

Time to Buy New Insurance

AdobeStock_55172102-1600x1600 (7)

Maybe some good can come out of not remembering the particulars about an auto insurance company. All the scrambling required to figure out the name of the company might lead to questioning whether or not the company is worth retaining.

Finding a new insurance company probably won’t be too difficult.

The aforementioned process of comparison shopping delivers a smooth way to do so.

Maybe the new policy turns out to be far superior to the old forgotten one.

Avoiding the Same Mistake in the Future

Forgetting the name of an insurance company can happen more than once. Rather than once again going through a host of frenzied steps to find out the name, employ the following actions to make things a bit easier:

Provide a Copy of Your Insurance Documents to Someone You Trust

Hand a copy of correspondence from the insurance company to a trusted immediate relative. Ask a family lawyer or accountant to keep in insurance contracts in a client file. This way, finding out the information requires little more than making a simple phone call.

Request Email Correspondence from Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies want customers to request email newsletters and promotional documents. Sign up for these and save anything the company emails. Create an email folder labeled “insurance.” Add the name of the insurance company to the folder as an extra measure.

Tape Promotional Flyers to the Refrigerator

Does the insurance company send flyers and postcards out in the mail every so often? If so, tape the flyers to the door of the refrigerator. Then, every time you see your refrigerator, you’ll be reminded of your auto insurance provider

Keep An Old Insurance Card on Your Dashboard

Throwing out the old documents might be self-defeating when memory issues arise. Keep expired insurance documents and tape them in a very visually obviously place in the vehicle.

Some of these steps may seem really easy — and they are. The steps also help address the unfortunate instance of forgetting the name of an insurance company and do so with much stress or worry.

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