What is flexible car insurance?

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Key takeaways...
  • Flexible car insurance may refer to more convenient ways to pay your bill or choosing different types of coverage
  • But most advertised flexible car insurance policies simply allow customers multiple payment options
  • There are several payment options out there, so figure out what kind of coverage you need first and then comparison shop online

Flexible car insurance is a new term in the car insurance industry, and although it sounds catchy, it’s not really anything new.

Over the last decade, car insurance companies have started offering policyholders more and more convenient ways to pay their bill and choose the types of coverage they need.

Only a handful of companies allow consumers to modify, exclude, and customize auto insurance coverage. It’s important to understand that flexible car insurance is more about payment options than actually purchasing custom policy coverage.

The definition of flexible car insurance will depend on which provider you speak with, but most flexible auto insurance policies advertised simply allow customers multiple payment options.

Multiple payment options are not anything new, but it’s a good marketing campaign to let a company stand out from another.

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What are my car insurance payment options?

Whenever you purchase an auto insurance policy, you are either buying a six or twelve-month policy. While most car insurers offer six-month policies, some do offer twelve.

It is challenging to find an auto insurance company that offers coverage for longer than 12 months since laws do not allow providers to change or cancel your coverage while in force.

The longer an insurer guarantees coverage, the higher the risk they are taking on; so the industry has formed a baseline of six or twelve-month policies as industry standards.

Some car insurers only offer pay-in-full policies, while others allow monthly payments.

When an auto insurance provider offers several options for consumers to purchase insurance, it can be considered “flexible” car insurance. Some of the payment options could include:

  • Low Down Payment and Equal Monthly Payments
  • Incentive Discount to Pay in Full
  • Larger Payments over a shorter term
  • Bi-weekly Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Automatic Checking Account Withdrawal

How to Get the Best Car Insurance for You

There are many ways to purchase auto insurance. However, you need to compare all the elements of a policy instead of just focusing on what payment plans are available in order to secure the best coverage.

Most car insurance companies offer some type of payment plans, so start a car insurance comparison search online to compare features, types of coverage, and learn about discounts.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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