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Key takeaways...
  • Many large and small companies offer car insurance in Connecticut
  • Connecticut is a tort car insurance state
  • Consider purchasing more coverage than what the state requires

All vehicles registered in the State of Connecticut must have car insurance which meets the minimum car insurance requirements as outlined by the Connecticut Insurance Department.

The State of Connecticut is home to a smaller market than California or Florida; however, it still has a very healthy auto insurance industry where drivers can find very affordable coverage from reputable car insurance companies such as Allstate, GEICO, and Progressive.

In fact, over 50 car insurance companies offer auto insurance coverage in Connecticut so it will be up to you find the best rates.

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Connecticut Car Insurance Requirements

Liability insurance is mandatory for vehicles registered in Connecticut. While liability insurance does not cover damages to your vehicle or injuries sustained personally it does provide some form of protection for damage/injuries to other peoples.

The 2010 minimum requirements for Connecticut car insurance are:

  • $20,000 in liability insurance for injuries suffered to a single motorist (where you were responsible for the accident)
  • $40,000 in liability coverage for the total cost of medically related expenses to injuries sustained by all persons injured
  • $10,000 in property damage coverage

Most drivers choose to have much more coverage than just state minimums including not only higher policy limits but also the addition of comprehensive insurance, collision insurance, GAP insurance, and more.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Is Connecticut a no-fault car insurance state?

No. Connecticut operates under the tort system where the person who is deemed to be “at-fault” is responsible for the cost of damages/ injuries sustained to others.

Only less than a dozen states have no-fault car insurance laws and Connecticut did have such law in place before 1994 but this law was repealed.

If you live in a state which does not have the protection of no-fault car insurance laws then you should always consider much higher limits than state minimum car insurance coverage requirements as the possibility of litigation arising from even a minor accident is quite high.

Connecticut Car Insurance Discounts


All drivers in Connecticut are entitled to most of the same car insurance discounts available in other states however many times receiving any kind of auto insurance policy discount will depend on your knowledge of the discounts available.

Before shopping for car insurance we would encourage anyone to learn about popular car insurance discounts such as:

A number of Connecticut car insurance discounts are available so always question any potential insurance provider about what discounts they offer.

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