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Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurance premiums can be high so your search for affordable car insurance should always begin by understanding what car insurance discounts are available.

There are a number of discounts available and the percentage at which these discounts lower your car insurance premiums vary depending on the car insurance company, your state of residence and the vehicle.

What Car Insurance Discounts are available?

Many. Always make a list of the safety features your vehicle has before contacting anybody for a quote and note if any of the following categories apply to your profile before starting car insurance comparison.

Anti-Theft Deterrent Systems

Is your vehicle equipped with factory installed Anti-Theft Deterrent systems such as ignition lock, car alarm or LOJACK?  Ant-Theft systems drastically reduce the odds of a vehicle being stolen and car insurance companies offer discounts to any driver with a lower-risk profile.

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS Brakes)

Anti-Lock brakes were first introduced in 1929 for aircraft use but widely become part of car models during the 70’s and early 1980’s.  ABS stands for anti-lock braking system and is a safety feature which prevents the wheels of a car from locking up while breaking. This safety feature has a proven record of increasing your ability to navigate a vehicle in the case of an emergency and has led to significantly lower car accident rates for owners of vehicles with an anti-lock braking system.

” Car insurance companies favor anti-lock brakes quite heavily and will almost always certainly provide a discount based on this feature alone “

Passive Restraint Systems Discount

Many vehicles come with some kind of passive restraint system such as airbags or factory-installed motorized seatbelts. Airbags almost always provide a discount to car insurance premiums while other passive restraint system discounts will vary by company.

Good Student Discount

Finding cheap car insurance for young drivers is tough but if you are a student with good grades its very possible to get a car insurance discount based on your academic record. Calculating the risk of a driver is particularly important for young drivers and car insurance companies have found people with good grades often pose a lower risk than those who do not.

Senior Citizen Discount

Over 65? Ask about discounts based on your age and driving habits. Statistics show older people drive far less frequently than younger drivers and auto insurance companies recognize this fact by offering discounts to older drivers depending on the total use of their vehicle.

Hybrid Cars

Yes, car insurance discounts are available simply because you went green and have a Hybrid vehicle. In fact, Travelers car insurance company advertises up to a 10% discount on premiums solely based on the ownership of a hybrid car.

Good Driver Discounts

More recently we have seen many car insurance companies start rewarding good drivers with premium discounts. A good driver is defined by most car insurance companies as a driver who has been accident / moving violation free for more than three (3) years. Some companies even offer a one time exception so if you do get in a single accident your good driver discount is still applicable.

Multi-Policy Discounts

As with any business insurance companies often sell multiple consumer products. Most providers who offer products such as home insurance or life insurance often extend discounts to car insurance rates if the policyholder has several policies with the same company.

Many more discounts are around so speak to car insurance companies, research online and start your car insurance comparison search by connecting with several companies.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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