Is rim damage covered by car insurance?

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Key takeaways...
  • Comprehensive and collision insurance could cover rim damage, but basic liability insurance will not
  • Hitting a pothole or a curb is generally considered a collision, and could be covered by insurance
  • Custom or aftermarket rims may not be included in an insurance policy, or you may need to purchase a rider
  • You’ll want to consider whether you want to make a claim on your insurance for all incidents of rim damage

There are a number of car insurance options available to drivers, depending on your car and whether you own it outright, lease the vehicle, or are paying off a financed car loan.

These insurance options provide different amounts and types of coverage for car rims and similar damage to your own vehicle.

The most basic type of car insurance available is liability insurance. This type of basic insurance covers only damage to another person’s car or property and is only available to insure a vehicle that you fully own.

However, comprehensive or collision auto insurance could provide coverage for damaged, bent, stolen or otherwise injured rims.

You can compare the costs of different types of car insurance and what different insurers may charge in order to ensure that you have the coverage that you want for your rims and wheels.

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Does my car insurance cover rims?


In order to make sure that rim damage to your own car is included under your insurance policy, you will need to purchase either collision coverage or comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage is exactly what its name implies. It covers damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle or with an object.

It can also cover damages caused by running over a pothole, a frequent cause of bent and damaged rims. If your rim is cracked, bent or damaged in any kind of collision, this type of coverage will protect your investment.

Comprehensive coverage goes further. This type of car insurance covers fire and weather damage, car theft or theft of parts, vandalism, or other events beyond vehicle collisions.

If your rims are damaged, cracked or bent in an attempt to steal them or vandalize the car, comprehensive insurance may still pay out. You can compare options online through various insurers to make sure that you choose the coverage that fits your needs.

Exceptions to Coverage for Rims

However, even if you have the right kind of insurance, it may not cover custom aftermarket parts like specialized rims. Every insurer may have a different policy in this regard, so it is important to check to find out exactly what is covered under your specific policy.

Sometimes, you can add a special addition to your insurance policy for custom parts and equipment installed permanently in your car.

If your rims are only one part of your vehicle customization, you might find this type of coverage useful. This custom coverage may be used to provide insurance for customized alloy wheels, rims, roll bars, performance suspension or spoilers, electronics or custom paint jobs.

In some states, this coverage may be part of comprehensive or collision packages. When comparing the options available from each insurer, you can see how much coverage is provided for specialized parts and equipment.

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Should you make a claim for rim damage?

It’s also important to consider whether it is in your best interest to file a car insurance claim for rim damage. This could depend on the cost of your rims and the type of wheels you have. Most car insurance policies carry a deductible of $500 or more; in some cases, this may be the cost of a new rim.

Even if you don’t receive reimbursement because the amount of your claim was below the deductible amount, you may still experience a rate hike after filing the claim.

The potential rate increase may be a concern for filing this kind of claim for minor damage. However, any rate increase is likely to be fairly low, as the cost of repairing or replacing a rim is not very high.

If you have filed a number of small, minor claims, however, you could begin to see a larger monthly increase in your car insurance premium.

This scenario is not likely to occur after one claim for a bent or cracked rim, however. It may impact your insurer’s view of your risk profile; you may be seen as a higher risk driver who has experienced a number of small accidents.

When considering filing a claim against your car insurance, it’s best to consider your own history. If you have gone for a long period without claims, it could be worth it to file for the cost of the rims.

But if you’ve had a number of small claims in the past few years, you may want to reconsider filing a claim for this kind of small damage.

Rim Work Covered By Insurance


Many insurers will prefer to pay to replace rather than repair a cracked rim because it could be dangerous to drive on even a repaired cracked rim.

In the case of a bent rim, insurers may prefer to repair the rim; it depends on the type of damage that your car has suffered.

Your rims are always at risk of further damage because of the inevitability of encountering the following:

  • curbs
  • potholes
  • particularly cracked roads

When the lug holes of the rim are damaged, replacement can also be necessary.

If you opt for rim work to address the damage, your insurer is likely to insist on replacement rather than a potentially dangerous repair option.

When determining which car insurance choice is the right option for you, it is important to consider the extent of coverage provided by the policy, particularly for items like rims.

If you have aftermarket or custom rims, it can also be critical to compare the amount of coverage provided for custom parts and equipment and the availability and cost of a rider for additional coverage.

Whether you opt to take advantage of your car insurance coverage to replace your damaged rims, it can be reassuring to know that the option is there to address all of the points about your car that matter most.

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