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Key takeaways...
  • Vintage car insurance is not the same as insurance for the car you drive every day
  • How often you drive a classic car and the number of miles driven can affect the cost of the policy
  • It’s a good idea to compare at least three different quotes before making a final decision

Some cars are meant for show or they are meant to be collectibles. These types of vehicles need to have vintage car insurance.

But a vintage vehicle also has other special concerns. Find car insurance quotes for FREE with our comparison tool.

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What is vintage car insurance?

Vintage car insurance falls under the umbrella of classic car insurance, and those who have vintage cars must purchase it for their vintage vehicles.

A regular insurance policy that people purchase for the vehicles that they drive to work, school and the grocery store will not do for a vintage vehicle.

Types of Classic Cars

Several types of cars fall into strict categories for classic cars, one of which is the vintage vehicle. But people must be sure of the type of vehicle they own before they can purchase the right insurance.

Classic cars are generally considered to be:

  • The Veteran – these are the oldest vehicles in existence that were manufactured up until December of 1904
  • The Edwardian – January 1905 to December of 1918 saw the creation of these types of cars
  • Vintage – as described above
  • The Classic – these vehicles are ordinarily those assembled before 1973
  • Cherished – these are the newest of the classic vehicles, and this category is reserved for a car that is between five and ten years old and are either a collectible or are rare

What is vintage car insurance?

When seeking insurance for a vintage car, the car owners will be searching for vintage car insurance. The purpose of the vehicle is often to place it in a show. Sometimes, people will drive these vehicles for pleasure trips, but not like they do their ordinary vehicles.

The insurance purchased for these vehicles is based mainly upon repairs that will be needed.

Like with a sports car, a vintage car’s parts are rare, and the vehicle can be very challenging for mechanics to mend.

This fact makes it an expensive endeavor to restore a vintage vehicle to its former glory.

For this reason, vintage car insurance may be more expensive than regular car insurance even though the vehicle is not driven as many miles as the family car.

Insurance Coverage for Vintage Cars

It is different for an insurance company to insure a vintage vehicle because the value of the automobile can be difficult to determine. Vintage car owners must know the valuation of the vehicle before they begin to purchase a vintage car insurance policy.

Once this has been determined, car owners can decide what type of coverage they will need:

  • Multiple vehicle coverages if there is more than one vintage car to insure
  • Coverage to restore the vehicle if it is ever totaled
  • Coverage for showing the vehicle at car shows and other events
  • Laid-up insurance which covers the vehicle for damage, theft or being stolen when it is being stored for repairs
  • Agreed valuation which places the value of the vehicle at the beginning of the policy rather than the current value of the vehicle at the time it is damaged

Just because it is a vintage car does not necessarily mean that the vehicle will not be driven a lot.

Some people do like to drive their vintage vehicles, and they are going to need more extensive coverage than what was listed above.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Typical Discounts for Vintage Car Insurance

Those who shop around for vintage car insurance can encounter several instances when they can qualify for discounts. Among those many discounts are those for:

  • A limited mileage discount (12,000 miles, for example)
  • A car insurance discount for insuring more than one vintage vehicle with the same company
  • A discount for belonging to an auto club

Finding the Right Vintage Car Insurance

As can be seen from the list above, vintage car owners have many options as to what type of car insurance coverage they would like to purchase.

Some vintage car owners will need the limited mileage coverage, but others will benefit from the auto club membership discount.

In order to find the insurance company that has the options each individual vintage car owner needs, they can do a comparison search of many insurance companies.

Comparing quotes for vintage car insurance is just as easy as comparing quotes for regular car insurance; vintage car owners give their information such as the number of miles driven and how the car will be used.

Because it is more difficult to find an insurance company that sells vintage car insurance, shopping around for this type of insurance on one’s own would be even more difficult.

But an online search only requires that vintage car owners have access to a computer and the Internet.

After their brokers have taken their information, vintage car owners will only have to search through the manageable list of quotes they receive to find the one offering the coverage they want for the price they can afford.

Owners of vintage cars can purchase their state’s required liability coverage, but that would leave their precious vehicles unprotected because they are so rare.

Not finding the right insurance policy by comparing quotes online when it is so simple to do can mean the difference between being able to salvage a damaged vintage vehicle and having to send it to the dump.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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