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What are the top 10 car insurance company commercials?

Car insurance is not a funny industry but tell that to Madison Avenue. Some of the most popular videos online are from car insurance companies and include Geckos, Caveman, some girl named Flo and even a little Piggy.

Almost all major car insurance companies are trying to attract the online generation but nobody does it better than GEICO car insurance. In fact, when we compared the YouTube impressions of commercials from some of the major car insurance companies no one came close to the popularity of GEICO.

In a letter to shareholders on February 26, 2010 Warren Buffet disclosed GEICO’s massive advertising budget of $800 million, almost double the $453 million spent in 2005 and twice the size of the nearest competitor!

What does $800 million buy you? Well, a brand that is more well known than any neighbor who might always be there and a level of coolness that simply can not be stamped with a price tag.

What are the top 10 Car Insurance Company Commercials?

Well, they ALL belong to GEICO but we did throw a couple others in this list so the other companies wouldn’t feel so bad.

According to impressions from a sample of US car insurance companies channels on YouTube we studied the top car insurance company ads and came up with this list:

#10 State Farm – “Magic Jingle Hot Tub”


State farm commercial of a baseball flying through a living room window and emphasizing State Farm is always there. Almost 200,000 views for this is most likely way too much as nothing original or unique in terms of advertising but then again – how do you ever catch the Gecko?


# 9 Allstate TV Ad: Mayhem is Coming Teen Driver


Dean Winters drives a Pink SUV and well – yes, its about as funny as Dean Winters driving a Pink SUV. Short but great.


# 8 GEICO Commercial Featuring Andres Cantor


Can legendary soccer announcer Andres Cantor make ANY sport exciting? He certainly can and with almost 600,000 viewers Mr. Cantor also made car insurance company commercials fun to watch.


# 7 Does Charlie Daniels Play a Mean Fiddle


The title says it all. Just perfect.


# 6 New GEICO Commercial with Woodchucks


Do woodchucks chuck wood? Almost a million people have tuned in to find out!


# 5 Don LaFontaine GEICO Spot


Don LaFontaine is probably more famous than GEICO as whether you know his name or not you do know his voice. He is the King of the Movie Trailer Voice and thanks to GEICO 1,000,000 viewers now know his face!


#4 GEICO Wabbits


Does Elmer Fudd have trouble with letter R? Anything with a Wabbit joke deserves at least a million views!


# 3 2006 – Geico commercial – Caveman at the airport


This is back from 2006 and strangely enough is not on the YouTube GEICO channel but has still garnished over 1.2 million views. Classic commercial


# 2 R. Lee Ermey as Therapist Sarge (GEICO)


Awesome. Nothing but stellar genius creating R. Lee Ermey’s role as a Former Drill Sergeant to star in this GEICO advertisement!


# 1 GEICO Piggy Commercial


Did you read the number of views? The Piggy is 4 times more popular than the second highest viewed GEICO commercial … 4 million people. Piggy banks are also related to money right? Well, these piggies knows how to cash in online.


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Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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