Where can I find $0 down car insurance?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • To avoid the stress when you switch, paying month-to-month tends to be the best option
  • You must make your initial payment before the coverage can take effect
  • You will need to sign a paper that states that you are giving the insurer permission to take the money from your account

Buying car insurance can be an expensive mission. If you are price shopping and are interested in switching to another insurer, it is very common for your new company to charge a one or two-month deposit for coverage.

This deposit is required to protect the insurer against individuals who buy insurance to register their vehicle and then cancel it.

The deposit can also help insurance companies cover a few things:

  • The administrative
  • Taking applications
  • Underwriting policies
  • Issuing policies

Because the younger market and the average consumer now prefers to start a policy for just the amount it costs to cover them for the month, it is not outrageous to ask whether or not you can find a policy that can take effect without a down payment.

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How does zero down car insurance work?

Zero down car insurance makes it easier for the average person to afford mandatory car insurance or supplemental car insurance coverage options by eliminating the huge initial payment that will activate coverage.

Just like it sounds, when you start a policy for zero down you are becoming a customer and starting your cover without paying a lump sum or a large portion of the premiums upfront.

How much you will pay for car insurance depends on your premiums and the payment frequency that you choose.

If you were to purchase a policy from a reputable company that does not require a down payment, you would get to choose a payment term that is suitable for you and then make regular payments.

You must make your initial payment before the coverage can take effect, but as long as the effective date is in the future and you make your payment, it is possible to pay for a policy without paying for a down payment.

What is a payment schedule?

One that differentiates a traditional car insurance policy with a 0 down car insurance policy is the payment schedule and how much your payments will be.

If you pay annually, you never have to worry about a down payment because you are paying in full.

If you pay monthly, you will either pay equal payments each month or pay for two months down and then have the last month of the term with no payment.

What payment types are accepted?

Now that you know how payment schedules differ when you are buying 0 down policies, it is time to brush up on the common payment types that insurers accept.

Every insurance company is different, but the companies that want to cater to the widest audience will generally accept all payment types and methods.

Here are some of the options and reasons why you might choose them:

– Paid in Full

One of the main reasons why paid in full clients are enticing is because the company does not have to spend money billing or collecting money from their clients.

Another reason why paid in full is beneficial is because the customer is a lot less likely to switch to another carrier during their term when they have to worry about receiving a refund back.

In exchange for paying in full, the company may offer you a pay in full discount that can save you over $120 per year.

– Electronic Funds Transfers

Another option is to give your insurance carrier your checking account information so that the payment can be automatically drafted from your account on a given day.

You will need to sign a paper that states that you are giving the insurer permission to take the money from your account and the company will notify you in advance if your payments ever change.

While you will not save as much as you would paying in full, if you plan on paying monthly choosing EFT payments can save you up to $10 per month in billing fees.

Eliminating the fees can save you a pretty penny when you add them up.

– Manual Credit, Debit or Cash Payments

If you are not comfortable allowing a company to withdraw money from your account, you can pay manually every month by phone, email, online or in person.

Some companies accept only cash, but most will accept credit or debit payments.

You should check to see what kind of credit issuers are accepted if you have American Express or Discover.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Benefits of $0 Down Insurance

If everyone could live comfortably and pay their premiums in full with no worries at all, they would probably choose this option just to save money.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the vehicle owners in the nation are trying to make it on a limited income and would prefer to pay monthly without a down payment.

Since car insurance is a requirement in most states, 0 down car insurance is a great alternative so that people can comply with the law and buy the coverage they are mandated to carry.

If it is the difference between affording a basic policy and driving uninsured, it is a great choice.

Another benefit of buying a policy with 0 down is that you have more freedom to switch carriers if you find a better deal in the future. When you buy insurance, the rates will be fixed for 6 months or a year.

This is because you are guaranteed for your premiums to stay level after the policy is issued for the term that you select.

Your carrier cannot increase your rates but you are free to cancel your policy at any time if you buy coverage elsewhere.

This is because you can never be double covered and the insurer must honor your written request for cancellation.

If you have already paid in advance, getting your refund back to cover the cost of your new policy can take some time.

To avoid the stress and the hassle when you plan on switching, paying month-to-month tends to be the best option.

Make sure that you verify that you will not be charged a cancellation fee for canceling during your term before you start a policy with this intention.

Some companies offer a prorated refund where you will receive everything that you have not used back.

Other companies will offer the refund minus a 5 or even 10 percent fee. It is best to choose the companies that do not charge these fees to save yourself money.

How to Find Insurers that Offer Zero Down Car Insurance

Now that you are familiar with payment schedules and payment methods, the next step is to look for companies that do not charge a down payment.

There are a number of ways that you can start your search for an affordable policy that is deposit-free. Some of the methods require more time and effort and others are quick and easy.

Here are some tips to help guide you in the right direction:

– Receiving Quotes from Local Agencies and Brokerages

The traditional way to do business is to go into a local agency or brokerage and request a quote. When you request this quote, you can ask about the payment plan options and the accepted methods.

Going directly to the company is popular with people who love doing business face-to-face, but it can take your time.

– Getting Quotes Direct Online

If you do not want to go into businesses, you can get quotes direct online through the carrier. You will be able to review the payment schedules and also adjust quotes to fit your budget.

You can only do this when the company has a quoting tool and when you are willing to visit multiple sites.

– Online Rating Tools

If you want to save money and you do not prefer to speak with an agent, you can get instant quotes from several insurers by using online rating tools. These tools will give you details on the coverage options as well as payment terms.

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