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Progressive Overview Stats
Founded March 10, 1937
Current Executives CEO, President - Tricia Griffith
Claims President - Michael Sieger
Number of Employees 10,000+
Current Assets $10+ billion (USD) per year
Headquarters Address Campus I:
6300 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
Phone Number 1-855-347-3939
Premiums Written $27.862,882
Loss Ratio (2017) 66.49%
Best For Insurance

Are you looking to get car insurance, and just don’t have any idea which company out there you can trust? You’re not alone. A majority of citizens across the nation find the task to be overwhelming and aren’t sure if they have the best provider and coverage for their needs.

A lot of people end up just sticking with the company they think will help them out the most, simply because the endless possibilities can make you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of choices.

We know that it can be a little scary out there in the car insurance world, but that’s what we’re here to help you with. We’ve created this comprehensive guide about the insurance giant Progressive to see if it is the best fit for you.

When you hear of the insurance company ‘Progressive’, who is the face that comes to your mind? That’s right, the happy and cheerful Flo! The Progressive salesgirl that has taken the world by storm.

Despite the success of one of their many spokespeople, what makes Progressive stand out in such a massive market? Well, keep reading to find out in this comprehensive guide.

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One of the most important factors a lot of people take into consideration when selecting a car insurance company? How they’re rated! If they’re pretty universally poorly rated, chances are you’re going to pack your bags and move onto another company.

Every company is going to have their good and bad points, so in this section, we’ll go over Progressive’s ratings for you to compare

– Financial Ratings

Agency Rating
AM Best A+ (Superior)
Better Business Bureau (Northbrook, IL) A- (Very Good)
Moody's A2 (Good)
S&P AA (Very Strong)

– NAIC Complaint Index

Private Passenger Policies 2016 2017 2018
Total Complaints 32 35 34
Complaint Index
(better or worse than National Index)
0.0011 (better) 0.0000 (better) 0.0012 (better)
National Complaint Index
1.47 1.53 1.51
US Market Share 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Total Premiums
$0 $0 $0

– JD Power

– Consumer Reports

The table below displays the various service ratings provided by Progressive as part of the claims process.

Claims Handling Score
Total 87
Ease of reaching an agent Very Good
Simplicity of the process Very Good
Promptness of response - very good Very Good
Damage amount Very Good
Agent courtesy Very Good
Timely payment Excellent
Freedom to select repair shop Very Good
Being kept informed of claim status Very Good

Company History

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company opened its doors on March 10, 1937, by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. Right during the boom of the Great Depression, these two individuals wanted to make sure car owners had the security and protection they needed while out on the road.

Innovation and progress were the gas to Progressive’s vehicle, causing it to be the first drive-in claims service company.

As time passed, the massive growth in the company prompted them to move their offices into downtown Cleveland in 1951. Further growth and expansion in the 1960s caused the company to form under The Progressive Corporation.

Progressive grew approximately 17 percent per year from 1996 and 2005, from being worth $3.4 billion to $14 billion.

Make sure you check out the company’s full history here.

Let’s take a peek inside Progressive to see what exactly caused it to become one of the most prolific auto insurance companies on the market.

– Market Share

What exactly is market share? Well, it is essentially the percentage of sales that were made out of all of the auto insurance consumer purchases for the year.

If you take a look at the table below, you can see how Progressive’s market share has been fairly steady since 2015, which is a good thing. This means that consumers are steadily coming to Progressive for their auto insurance.

Year Market Share of Liability Market Share of Physical Damage Total Market Share
2015 7.09% 7.69% 3.59%
2016 8.00% 7.67% 3.88%
2017 8.90% 8.52% 4.31%

– Business Model

Progressive decided, when they broke out onto the insurance scene as a public company in 1971, that they wanted to be like no other. They wanted to break the mold and approach auto insurance differently than other companies did. It was one of the first companies to launch its own website in 1995, right during the dawn of the internet.

– Advertising

It would be pretty hard in today’s society to avoid seeing at least ONE Progressive car insurance commercial. They’ve had a number of mascots to promote their name, including the infamous Progressive Flo.

She has appeared in more than 100 Progressive commercials since 2008. A simple character made iconic with her extreme enthusiasm, extremely white uniform, large ‘Flo’ nametag, retro hairstyle, and upbeat personality. She became a massive fan favorite and has been one of their leading advertising mascots ever since.

Their spokesperson, Jamie, is a Flo counterpart that has been seen in numerous car insurance commercials as well. Often times appearing alongside Flo.

Another Progressive advertising campaign was that of the ‘Bundle’ series. It’s not quite as long-running as Flo’s reign at the top of the Progressive commercial ladder but has been one of their more popular ‘bundling’ campaigns.

– Investment in the Community

In addition to the services they provide, Progressive really pushes the envelope to show just how much community means to them. Through their Social Responsibility program, they strive to give back and do some good in the world.

  • Being Sustainable: Trying to lower their carbon footprint, this part of their program attempts to make strides in energy conservation, recycling, reducing the use of paper, and more.
  • Insuring a Better Future: Bringing about change for a better future, this part of their program paves the way for driving change in topics like insurance, education, and inclusion.
  • Helping Others: This part of their program supports time and resources to support various charitable causes.

– Progressive’s Position for the Future

Full steam ahead for Progressive.

In January 2019, the insurance giant made an announcement that they would be expecting to hire more than 10,000 more people in the coming year.

The company has grown more than 50 percent in the past three years and is in need to find support for this massive growth. Some of the positions they will be offering include IT and analyst roles, customer care, claim roles, and corporate functions.

Here are some of the locations they’re looking to fill these positions:

  • Austin, TX – 1,000 positions in customer service, sales, claims representatives, bilingual Spanish sales, and customer service
  • Cleveland, OH – 2,000 position in customer service, sales, multi-product sales, claims representatives, marketing, legal, IT, business analysis, and more
  • Colorado Springs, CO – 1,100 positions in customer service, sales, and IT
  • Phoenix, AZ – 375 positions in customer service, sales, bilingual Spanish customer service, and claims representatives
  • Sacramento, CA – 380 positions in customer service, bilingual Spanish customer service and sales
  • Tampa, FL – 1,500 positions in customer service, sales, multi-product sales, claims representatives, bilingual Spanish sales, and customer service

Half of the jobs will be based at the larger Progressive campuses across the nation, with others located in the Progressive field office claims offices in more than 250 locations.

According to the Chief Human Resources Officer, Lori Niederst, it is the company’s largest hiring forecast in Progressive’s history!

Car Insurance Rates

We’ve gathered information and data to give you a snapshot of the car insurance rates that Progressive offers their clients. We’ve broken down a few common factors in car insurance rates, from state to state comparisons, to rates by commute, and more.

Something to keep in mind as you read this section is that there are many variables that go into what your car insurance rate is going to be, so your rate may differ from what is listed down below. The good news to that, however, is that Progressive offers many discounts that can help offset the costs listed below.

– Rates Compared to State Average

Which state you live in greatly affects what average rate you’ll tend to pay.

To get to the below data, we collected the average insurance rate drivers in that state tend to pay (from all insurance providers in that state), and compared them to the average rate Progressive offers in that state. Progressive is available in all 50 states.

Check out below to see where your state falls.

State Average by State Allstate American Family Farmers Geico Liberty Mutual Nationwide Progressive Group Annual Premium Travelers USAA
Alaska $3,421.51 $3,145.31 $4,153.07 Data Not Available $2,879.96 $5,295.55 Data Not Available $3,062.85 State Farm $2,228.12 Data Not Available $2,454.21
Alabama $3,566.96 $3,311.52 Data Not Available $4,185.80 $2,866.60 $4,005.48 $2,662.66 $4,450.52 State Farm $4,798.15 $3,697.80 $2,124.09
Arkansas $4,124.98 $5,150.03 Data Not Available $4,257.87 $3,484.63 Data Not Available $3,861.79 $5,312.09 State Farm $2,789.03 $5,973.33 $2,171.06
Arizona $3,770.97 $4,904.10 Data Not Available $5,000.08 $2,264.71 Data Not Available $3,496.08 $3,577.50 State Farm $4,756.25 $3,084.74 $3,084.29
California $3,688.93 $4,532.96 Data Not Available $4,998.78 $2,885.65 $3,034.42 $4,653.19 $2,849.67 State Farm $4,202.28 $3,349.54 $2,693.87
Colorado $3,876.39 $5,537.17 $3,733.02 $5,290.24 $3,091.69 $2,797.74 $3,739.47 $4,231.92 State Farm $3,270.77 Data Not Available $3,338.87
Connecticut $4,618.92 $5,831.60 Data Not Available Data Not Available $3,073.66 $7,282.87 $3,672.34 $4,920.35 State Farm $2,976.24 $6,004.29 $3,190.00
District of Columbia $4,439.24 $6,468.92 Data Not Available Data Not Available $3,692.81 Data Not Available $4,848.98 $4,970.26 State Farm $4,074.05 Data Not Available $2,580.44
Delaware $5,986.32 $6,316.06 Data Not Available Data Not Available $3,727.29 $18,360.02 $4,330.21 $4,181.83 State Farm $4,466.85 $4,182.36 $2,325.98
Florida $4,680.46 $7,440.46 Data Not Available Data Not Available $3,783.63 $5,368.15 $4,339.60 $5,583.30 State Farm $3,397.67 Data Not Available $2,850.41
Georgia $4,966.83 $4,210.70 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,977.20 $10,053.44 $6,484.90 $4,499.22 State Farm $3,384.88 Data Not Available $3,157.46
Hawaii $2,555.64 $2,173.49 Data Not Available $4,763.82 $3,358.86 $3,189.55 $2,551.83 $2,177.93 State Farm $1,040.28 Data Not Available $1,189.35
Iowa $2,981.28 $2,965.86 $3,021.81 $2,435.72 $2,296.16 $4,415.28 $2,735.44 $2,395.50 State Farm $2,224.51 $5,429.38 $1,852.57
Idaho $2,979.09 $4,088.76 $3,728.79 $3,168.28 $2,770.68 $2,301.51 $3,032.19 Data Not Available State Farm $1,867.96 $3,226.29 $1,877.61
Illinois $3,305.48 $5,204.41 $3,815.31 $4,605.20 $2,779.16 $2,277.65 $2,711.81 $3,536.65 State Farm $2,344.88 $2,499.76 $2,770.21
Indiana $3,414.97 $3,978.81 $3,679.68 $3,437.55 $2,261.07 $5,781.35 Data Not Available $3,898.00 State Farm $2,408.94 $3,393.75 $1,630.86
Kansas $3,279.62 $4,010.23 $2,146.40 $3,703.77 $3,220.65 $4,784.42 $2,475.59 $4,144.38 State Farm $2,720.00 $4,341.43 $2,382.61
Kentucky $5,195.40 $7,143.92 Data Not Available Data Not Available $4,633.59 $5,930.97 $5,503.23 $5,547.63 State Farm $3,354.32 $6,551.68 $2,897.89
Louisiana $5,711.34 $5,998.79 Data Not Available Data Not Available $6,154.60 Data Not Available Data Not Available $7,471.10 State Farm $4,579.12 Data Not Available $4,353.12
Maine $2,953.28 $3,675.59 Data Not Available $2,770.15 $2,823.05 $4,331.39 Data Not Available $3,643.59 State Farm $2,198.68 $2,252.97 $1,930.79
Maryland $4,582.70 $5,233.17 Data Not Available Data Not Available $3,832.63 $9,297.55 $2,915.69 $4,094.86 State Farm $3,960.87 Data Not Available $2,744.14
Massachusetts $2,678.85 $2,708.53 Data Not Available Data Not Available $1,510.17 $4,339.35 Data Not Available $3,835.11 State Farm $1,361.86 $3,537.94 $1,458.99
Michigan $10,498.64 $22,902.59 Data Not Available $8,503.60 $6,430.11 $20,000.04 $6,327.38 $5,364.55 State Farm $12,565.52 $8,773.97 $3,620.00
Minnesota $4,403.25 $4,532.01 $3,521.29 $3,137.45 $3,498.54 $13,563.61 $2,926.49 Data Not Available State Farm $2,066.99 Data Not Available $2,861.60
Missouri $3,328.93 $4,096.15 $3,286.90 $4,312.19 $2,885.33 $4,518.67 $2,265.35 $3,419.14 State Farm $2,692.91 Data Not Available $2,525.78
Mississippi $3,664.57 $4,942.11 Data Not Available Data Not Available $4,087.21 $4,455.94 $2,756.53 $4,308.85 State Farm $2,980.48 $3,729.32 $2,056.13
Montana $3,220.84 $4,672.10 Data Not Available $3,907.55 $3,602.35 $1,326.11 $3,478.26 $4,330.76 State Farm $2,417.74 Data Not Available $2,031.89
North Carolina $3,393.11 $7,190.43 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,936.69 $2,182.71 $2,848.03 $2,382.61 State Farm $3,078.65 $3,132.66 Data Not Available
North Dakota $4,165.84 $4,669.31 $3,812.40 $3,092.49 $2,668.24 $12,852.83 $2,560.35 $3,623.06 State Farm $2,560.53 Data Not Available $2,006.80
Nebraska $3,283.68 $3,198.83 $2,215.13 $3,997.29 $3,837.49 $6,241.52 $2,603.94 $3,758.01 State Farm $2,438.71 Data Not Available $2,330.78
New Hampshire $3,151.77 $2,725.01 Data Not Available Data Not Available $1,615.02 $8,444.41 $2,491.10 $2,694.45 State Farm $2,185.46 Data Not Available $1,906.96
New Jersey $5,515.21 $5,713.58 Data Not Available $7,617.00 $2,754.94 $6,766.62 Data Not Available $3,972.72 State Farm $7,527.16 $4,254.49 Data Not Available
New Mexico $3,463.64 $4,200.65 Data Not Available $4,315.53 $4,458.30 Data Not Available $3,514.38 $3,119.18 State Farm $2,340.66 Data Not Available $2,296.77
Nevada $4,861.70 $5,371.62 $5,441.18 $5,595.56 $3,662.09 $6,201.55 $3,477.14 $4,062.57 State Farm $5,796.34 $5,360.41 $3,069.07
New York $4,289.88 $4,740.97 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,428.24 $6,540.73 $4,012.93 $3,771.15 State Farm $4,484.58 $4,578.79 $3,761.69
Ohio $2,709.71 $3,197.22 $1,515.17 $3,423.01 $1,867.19 $4,429.74 $3,300.89 $3,436.96 State Farm $2,507.88 $3,135.16 $1,478.46
Oklahoma $4,142.33 $3,718.62 Data Not Available $4,142.40 $3,437.34 $6,874.62 Data Not Available $4,832.35 State Farm $2,816.80 Data Not Available $3,174.15
Oregon $3,467.77 $4,765.95 $3,527.28 $3,753.52 $3,220.12 $4,334.55 $3,176.83 $3,629.13 State Farm $2,731.48 $2,892.19 $2,587.15
Pennsylvania $4,034.50 $3,984.12 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,605.22 $6,055.20 $2,800.37 $4,451.00 State Farm $2,744.23 $7,842.47 $1,793.37
Rhode Island $5,003.36 $4,959.45 Data Not Available Data Not Available $5,602.63 $6,184.12 $4,409.63 $5,231.09 State Farm $2,406.51 $6,909.45 $4,323.98
South Carolina $3,781.14 $3,903.43 Data Not Available $4,691.85 $3,178.01 Data Not Available $3,625.49 $4,573.08 State Farm $3,071.34 Data Not Available $3,424.77
South Dakota $3,982.27 $4,723.72 $4,047.47 $3,768.80 $2,940.29 $7,515.99 $2,737.66 $3,752.81 State Farm $2,306.23 Data Not Available Data Not Available
Tennessee $3,660.89 $4,828.85 Data Not Available $3,430.07 $3,283.42 $6,206.69 $3,424.96 $3,656.91 State Farm $2,639.30 $2,738.52 $2,739.28
Texas $4,043.28 $5,485.44 $4,848.72 Data Not Available $3,263.28 Data Not Available $3,867.55 $4,664.69 State Farm $2,879.94 Data Not Available $2,487.89
Utah $3,611.89 $3,566.42 $3,698.77 $3,907.99 $2,965.57 $4,327.76 $2,986.57 $3,830.10 State Farm $4,645.83 Data Not Available $2,491.10
Virginia $2,357.87 $3,386.80 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,061.53 Data Not Available $2,073.00 $2,498.58 State Farm $2,268.95 Data Not Available $1,858.38
Vermont $3,234.13 $3,190.38 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,195.71 $3,621.08 $2,128.21 $5,217.14 State Farm $4,382.84 Data Not Available $1,903.55
Washington $3,059.32 $3,540.52 $3,713.02 $2,962.00 $2,568.65 $3,994.73 $2,129.84 $3,209.52 State Farm $2,499.78 Data Not Available $2,262.16
West Virginia $2,595.36 $3,820.68 Data Not Available Data Not Available $2,120.80 $2,924.39 Data Not Available Data Not Available State Farm $2,126.32 Data Not Available $1,984.62
Wisconsin $3,606.06 $4,854.41 $1,513.27 $3,777.49 $3,926.20 $6,758.85 $5,224.99 $3,128.91 State Farm $2,387.53 Data Not Available $2,975.74
Wyoming $3,200.08 $4,373.93 Data Not Available $3,069.35 $3,496.56 $1,989.36 $3,187.20 $4,401.17 State Farm $2,303.55 Data Not Available $2,779.53
Median $3,660.89 $4,532.96 $3,698.77 $3,907.99 $3,073.66 $5,295.55 $3,187.20 $3,935.36 State Farm $2,731.48 $3,729.32 $2,489.49

– Rates by Commute

How far your commute is can affect what you pay for your insurance policy. The table below shows rates per state for 10 miles of commuting as well as 25 miles of commuting.

State 10 miles commute / 6000 annual mileage. 25 miles commute / 12000 annual mileage.
AK $3,062.85 $3,062.85
AL $4,450.52 $4,450.52
AR $5,312.09 $5,312.09
AZ $3,577.50 $3,577.50
CA $2,585.86 $3,113.48
CO $4,231.92 $4,231.92
CT $4,920.35 $4,920.35
DC $4,970.26 $4,970.26
DE $4,181.83 $4,181.83
FL $5,583.30 $5,583.30
GA $4,499.22 $4,499.22
HI $2,177.93 $2,177.93
IA $2,395.50 $2,395.50
IL $3,536.65 $3,536.65
IN $3,898.00 $3,898.00
KS $4,144.38 $4,144.38
KY $5,547.63 $5,547.63
LA $7,471.10 $7,471.10
MA $3,835.11 $3,835.11
MD $4,094.86 $4,094.86
ME $3,643.59 $3,643.59
MI $5,364.55 $5,364.55
MO $3,419.14 $3,419.14
MS $4,308.85 $4,308.85
MT $4,330.76 $4,330.76
NC $2,382.61 $2,382.61
ND $3,623.06 $3,623.06
NE $3,758.01 $3,758.01
NH $2,694.45 $2,694.45
NJ $3,972.72 $3,972.72
NM $3,119.18 $3,119.18
NV $4,062.57 $4,062.57
NY $3,771.15 $3,771.15
OH $3,436.96 $3,436.96
OK $4,832.35 $4,832.35
OR $3,629.13 $3,629.13
PA $4,451.00 $4,451.00
RI $5,231.09 $5,231.09
SC $4,573.08 $4,573.08
SD $3,752.81 $3,752.81
TN $3,656.91 $3,656.91
TX $4,664.69 $4,664.69
UT $3,830.10 $3,830.10
VA $2,498.58 $2,498.58
VT $5,217.14 $5,217.14
WA $3,209.52 $3,209.52
WI $3,128.91 $3,128.91
WV $4,401.17 $4,401.17

Universally, Progressive tends to charge the same rate despite what your commute is.

– Coverage Level Rates

Did you know that you could be paying only a little bit more to get a better protection plan for yourself? By comparing what you’d be paying for a low, medium, and high coverage plan, you could pay only slightly more to get the optimal protection for yourself.

State Coverage Type Annual Premium
AK Low $2,989.84
AK High $3,204.04
AK Medium $2,994.67
AL Low $3,993.99
AL Medium $4,426.80
AL High $4,930.77
AR Medium $5,221.81
AR High $5,831.14
AR Low $4,883.32
AZ High $3,933.00
AZ Low $3,156.86
AZ Medium $3,642.63
CA Low $2,553.79
CA Medium $2,935.12
CA High $3,060.10
CO High $4,535.53
CO Medium $4,244.39
CO Low $3,915.86
CT High $5,318.35
CT Low $4,567.50
CT Medium $4,875.19
DC Low $4,718.03
DC High $5,209.97
DC Medium $4,982.78
DE Medium $4,231.00
DE Low $3,663.70
DE High $4,650.79
FL Medium $5,712.27
FL Low $4,681.36
FL High $6,356.27
GA Low $4,121.20
GA High $4,949.64
GA Medium $4,426.83
HI High $2,369.14
HI Low $1,988.28
HI Medium $2,176.37
IA High $2,522.93
IA Low $2,260.08
IA Medium $2,403.48
IL Medium $3,522.52
IL Low $3,248.39
IL High $3,839.06
IN High $4,174.74
IN Low $3,682.08
IN Medium $3,837.18
KS High $4,391.81
KS Low $3,928.59
KS Medium $4,112.75
KY High $6,113.49
KY Low $5,072.27
KY Medium $5,457.13
LA High $8,813.16
LA Low $6,193.86
LA Medium $7,406.27
MA High $4,083.46
MA Low $3,515.25
MA Medium $3,906.62
MD High $4,281.91
MD Low $3,907.33
MD Medium $4,095.34
ME High $3,783.48
ME Low $3,570.13
ME Medium $3,577.15
MI High $5,523.12
MI Low $5,199.22
MI Medium $5,371.32
MO High $3,773.22
MO Low $3,056.63
MO Medium $3,427.58
MS High $4,706.03
MS Low $3,856.22
MS Medium $4,364.31
MT High $4,583.63
MT Low $4,090.20
MT Medium $4,318.46
NC High $2,517.70
NC Low $2,261.45
NC Medium $2,368.67
ND High $3,738.69
ND Low $3,519.14
ND Medium $3,611.36
NE High $3,938.81
NE Low $3,586.69
NE Medium $3,748.53
NH High $2,799.47
NH Low $2,589.43
NH Medium $2,694.45
NJ High $4,280.26
NJ Low $3,603.50
NJ Medium $4,034.39
NM High $3,262.99
NM Low $2,976.49
NM Medium $3,118.05
NV High $4,763.75
NV Low $3,519.17
NV Medium $3,904.78
NY High $4,008.45
NY Low $3,559.37
NY Medium $3,745.62
OH High $3,597.09
OH Low $3,305.47
OH Medium $3,408.32
OK High $5,214.67
OK Low $4,481.18
OK Medium $4,801.19
OR High $3,774.86
OR Low $3,500.52
OR Medium $3,612.03
PA High $4,809.93
PA Low $4,058.80
PA Medium $4,484.26
RI High $5,584.04
RI Low $4,913.15
RI Medium $5,196.08
SC High $4,975.38
SC Low $4,231.59
SC Medium $4,512.27
SD High $3,873.69
SD Low $3,662.57
SD Medium $3,722.16
TN High $3,884.63
TN Low $3,428.80
TN Medium $3,657.30
TX High $4,920.66
TX Low $4,431.23
TX Medium $4,642.18
UT High $4,283.39
UT Low $3,509.42
UT Medium $3,697.49
VA High $2,635.90
VA Low $2,389.12
VA Medium $2,470.72
VT High $5,538.81
VT Low $4,963.11
VT Medium $5,149.50
WA High $3,584.15
WA Low $2,916.39
WA Medium $3,128.02
WI High $3,295.33
WI Low $2,937.23
WI Medium $3,154.18
WV High $4,624.79
WV Low $4,224.21
WV Medium $4,354.50

– Credit History Rates

Progressive awards their customers for having a good credit history with lower rates. This is fairly typical of many companies, but by keeping a close eye on your credit history, you could save yourself a lot of extra cash.

State Credit History Annual Premium
AK Fair $2,992.23
AK Good $2,852.01
AK Poor $3,344.30
AL Fair $4,306.50
AL Good $4,021.62
AL Poor $5,023.44
AR Fair $5,135.36
AR Good $4,774.48
AR Poor $6,026.44
AZ Fair $3,485.10
AZ Good $3,255.55
AZ Poor $3,991.84
CA ALL $2,849.67
CO Fair $4,108.11
CO Good $3,768.17
CO Poor $4,819.49
CT Fair $4,804.53
CT Good $4,602.01
CT Poor $5,354.50
DC Fair $4,772.75
DC Good $4,357.13
DC Poor $5,780.90
DE Fair $4,090.99
DE Good $3,780.31
DE Poor $4,674.18
FL Fair $5,169.65
FL Good $4,302.18
FL Poor $7,278.07
GA Fair $4,376.95
GA Good $4,045.92
GA Poor $5,074.80
HI $2,177.93
IA Fair $2,286.08
IA Good $2,070.25
IA Poor $2,830.16
IL Fair $3,418.56
IL Good $3,157.28
IL Poor $4,034.12
IN Fair $3,806.34
IN Good $3,588.63
IN Poor $4,299.03
KS Fair $3,991.23
KS Good $3,684.80
KS Poor $4,757.13
KY Fair $5,408.23
KY Good $5,042.27
KY Poor $6,192.39
LA Fair $7,236.85
LA Good $6,731.64
LA Poor $8,444.80
MA $3,835.11
MD Fair $3,875.85
MD Good $3,247.40
MD Poor $5,161.32
ME Fair $3,531.28
ME Good $3,279.06
ME Poor $4,120.42
MI Fair $5,208.85
MI Good $4,687.33
MI Poor $6,197.47
MO Fair $3,275.50
MO Good $3,017.40
MO Poor $3,964.53
MS Fair $4,166.84
MS Good $3,872.01
MS Poor $4,887.72
MT Fair $4,005.65
MT Good $3,745.98
MT Poor $5,240.66
NC Fair $2,325.80
NC Good $2,132.70
NC Poor $2,689.33
ND Fair $3,495.19
ND Good $3,186.53
ND Poor $4,187.48
NE Fair $3,619.59
NE Good $3,339.77
NE Poor $4,314.68
NH Fair $2,627.54
NH Good $2,464.66
NH Poor $2,991.15
NJ Fair $3,883.17
NJ Good $3,586.45
NJ Poor $4,448.52
NM Fair $3,050.34
NM Good $2,885.29
NM Poor $3,421.90
NV Fair $3,995.93
NV Good $3,733.72
NV Poor $4,458.06
NY Fair $3,041.52
NY Good $2,206.11
NY Poor $6,065.81
OH Fair $3,335.09
OH Good $3,115.60
OH Poor $3,860.18
OK Fair $4,669.23
OK Good $4,340.94
OK Poor $5,486.87
OR Fair $3,525.54
OR Good $3,284.76
OR Poor $4,077.11
PA Fair $4,136.56
PA Good $3,319.35
PA Poor $5,897.08
RI Fair $5,095.01
RI Good $4,739.68
RI Poor $5,858.59
SC Fair $4,464.31
SC Good $4,164.27
SC Poor $5,090.67
SD Fair $3,600.16
SD Good $3,320.87
SD Poor $4,337.39
TN Fair $3,545.77
TN Good $3,314.09
TN Poor $4,110.86
TX Fair $4,536.44
TX Good $4,201.24
TX Poor $5,256.40
UT Fair $3,709.85
UT Good $3,449.62
UT Poor $4,330.83
VA Fair $2,435.09
VA Good $2,274.12
VA Poor $2,786.53
VT Fair $5,024.74
VT Good $4,628.34
VT Poor $5,998.34
WA Fair $3,154.29
WA Good $2,935.78
WA Poor $3,538.50
WI Fair $3,020.30
WI Good $2,806.94
WI Poor $3,559.49
WV Fair $4,289.15
WV Good $3,983.96
WV Poor $4,930.39

Across the board, you could be saving hundreds of dollars with Progressive with a good credit history.

The national average credit score is 675, so if your credit score is above this, you’d be doing better than most in the nation.

– Driving Record Rates

How you drive will affect what your insurance rate is going to be. The more items you have on your driving record, the more you will have to pay for your insurance policy.

We’ve compiled the rates Progressive offers for three violations in each state (one speeding ticket, one accident, and one DUI) and compared them to what they offer for a clean record.

State Driving Record Annual Premium
AK Clean record $2,740.77
AK With 1 accident $3,512.71
AK With 1 DUI $2,911.36
AK With 1 speeding violation $3,086.55
AL Clean record $4,019.60
AL With 1 accident $5,052.72
AL With 1 DUI $4,318.84
AL With 1 speeding violation $4,410.91
AR Clean record $4,579.61
AR With 1 accident $6,359.88
AR With 1 DUI $4,812.78
AR With 1 speeding violation $5,496.11
AZ Clean record $3,156.01
AZ With 1 accident $4,155.92
AZ With 1 DUI $3,331.40
AZ With 1 speeding violation $3,666.67
CA Clean record $1,864.57
CA With 1 accident $3,169.83
CA With 1 DUI $3,678.10
CA With 1 speeding violation $2,686.17
CO Clean record $3,665.41
CO With 1 accident $5,115.10
CO With 1 DUI $3,869.05
CO With 1 speeding violation $4,278.14
CT Clean record $4,197.03
CT With 1 accident $6,093.37
CT With 1 DUI $4,415.90
CT With 1 speeding violation $4,975.08
DC Clean record $4,332.07
DC With 1 accident $5,478.69
DC With 1 DUI $4,978.67
DC With 1 speeding violation $5,091.61
DE Clean record $3,602.97
DE With 1 accident $4,773.89
DE With 1 DUI $4,103.13
DE With 1 speeding violation $4,247.32
FL Clean record $4,407.95
FL With 1 accident $6,519.19
FL With 1 DUI $5,490.35
FL With 1 speeding violation $5,915.72
GA Clean record $3,524.11
GA With 1 accident $6,212.74
GA With 1 DUI $4,157.29
GA With 1 speeding violation $4,102.75
HI Clean record $1,649.25
HI With 1 accident $2,322.92
HI With 1 DUI $2,602.26
HI With 1 speeding violation $2,137.29
IA Clean record $1,925.97
IA With 1 accident $3,155.58
IA With 1 DUI $2,089.34
IA With 1 speeding violation $2,411.09
IL Clean record $2,915.60
IL With 1 accident $4,318.08
IL With 1 DUI $3,228.52
IL With 1 speeding violation $3,684.42
IN Clean record $2,920.38
IN With 1 accident $5,122.01
IN With 1 DUI $3,485.66
IN With 1 speeding violation $4,063.94
KS Clean record $3,828.81
KS With 1 accident $4,477.29
KS With 1 DUI $3,998.62
KS With 1 speeding violation $4,272.82
KY Clean record $4,580.31
KY With 1 accident $6,816.16
KY With 1 DUI $5,224.39
KY With 1 speeding violation $5,569.65
LA Clean record $6,223.20
LA With 1 accident $8,352.66
LA With 1 DUI $8,027.23
LA With 1 speeding violation $7,281.29
MA Clean record $3,221.47
MA With 1 accident $4,540.58
MA With 1 DUI $3,602.42
MA With 1 speeding violation $3,975.98
MD Clean record $3,496.06
MD With 1 accident $4,633.82
MD With 1 DUI $4,229.05
MD With 1 speeding violation $4,020.51
ME Clean record $2,920.77
ME With 1 accident $4,932.02
ME With 1 DUI $3,250.73
ME With 1 speeding violation $3,470.83
MI Clean record $4,542.22
MI With 1 accident $5,975.45
MI With 1 DUI $5,371.85
MI With 1 speeding violation $5,568.68
MO Clean record $2,964.99
MO With 1 accident $3,960.21
MO With 1 DUI $3,283.46
MO With 1 speeding violation $3,467.90
MS Clean record $3,689.60
MS With 1 accident $4,947.94
MS With 1 DUI $4,263.35
MS With 1 speeding violation $4,334.53
MT Clean record $3,739.68
MT With 1 accident $4,819.80
MT With 1 DUI $4,616.41
MT With 1 speeding violation $4,147.16
NC Clean record $1,124.37
NC With 1 accident $1,642.22
NC With 1 DUI $5,173.29
NC With 1 speeding violation $1,590.55
ND Clean record $3,346.29
ND With 1 accident $4,111.13
ND With 1 DUI $3,384.21
ND With 1 speeding violation $3,650.62
NE Clean record $3,195.31
NE With 1 accident $4,684.11
NE With 1 DUI $3,573.41
NE With 1 speeding violation $3,579.22
NH Clean record $2,315.49
NH With 1 accident $3,192.89
NH With 1 DUI $2,553.90
NH With 1 speeding violation $2,715.51
NJ Clean record $3,414.48
NJ With 1 accident $4,583.69
NJ With 1 DUI $3,906.91
NJ With 1 speeding violation $3,985.79
NM Clean record $2,697.09
NM With 1 accident $3,687.66
NM With 1 DUI $2,905.91
NM With 1 speeding violation $3,186.04
NV Clean record $3,385.02
NV With 1 accident $4,658.43
NV With 1 DUI $4,264.08
NV With 1 speeding violation $3,942.74
NY Clean record $3,664.67
NY With 1 accident $3,664.67
NY With 1 DUI $4,066.27
NY With 1 speeding violation $3,688.99
OH Clean record $2,963.60
OH With 1 accident $4,028.09
OH With 1 DUI $3,156.21
OH With 1 speeding violation $3,599.93
OK Clean record $3,763.08
OK With 1 accident $6,992.38
OK With 1 DUI $4,154.13
OK With 1 speeding violation $4,419.80
OR Clean record $2,737.08
OR With 1 accident $4,992.54
OR With 1 DUI $3,526.67
OR With 1 speeding violation $3,260.25
PA Clean record $4,034.71
PA With 1 accident $5,570.34
PA With 1 DUI $4,153.94
PA With 1 speeding violation $4,045.00
RI Clean record $4,267.49
RI With 1 accident $6,772.26
RI With 1 DUI $4,794.93
RI With 1 speeding violation $5,089.68
SC Clean record $3,751.71
SC With 1 accident $5,451.21
SC With 1 DUI $4,555.95
SC With 1 speeding violation $4,533.45
SD Clean record $3,237.82
SD With 1 accident $4,378.48
SD With 1 DUI $3,492.83
SD With 1 speeding violation $3,902.09
TN Clean record $3,221.09
TN With 1 accident $4,182.08
TN With 1 DUI $3,430.36
TN With 1 speeding violation $3,794.09
TX Clean record $4,066.61
TX With 1 accident $5,258.16
TX With 1 DUI $4,752.85
TX With 1 speeding violation $4,581.14
UT Clean record $3,241.33
UT With 1 accident $4,895.50
UT With 1 DUI $3,390.52
UT With 1 speeding violation $3,793.05
VA Clean record $2,134.67
VA With 1 accident $2,827.55
VA With 1 DUI $2,547.20
VA With 1 speeding violation $2,484.90
VT Clean record $4,397.96
VT With 1 accident $6,363.51
VT With 1 DUI $4,939.75
VT With 1 speeding violation $5,167.33
WA Clean record $2,600.49
WA With 1 accident $4,063.71
WA With 1 DUI $3,035.03
WA With 1 speeding violation $3,138.85
WI Clean record $2,864.87
WI With 1 accident $3,470.52
WI With 1 DUI $2,973.89
WI With 1 speeding violation $3,206.37
WV Clean record $3,734.79
WV With 1 accident $5,008.09
WV With 1 DUI $4,470.99
WV With 1 speeding violation $4,390.80

Coverage Offered

You’ve been reading all about what Progressive is all about, but what exactly can they offer you? Glad you asked! We have compiled a list of some of the more common coverage types from Progressive, as well as a brief explanation of what they mean.

The different coverage types are going to fall into four basic categories:

So make sure you keep reading to find out more about these four different coverage categories.

– When You are at Fault

  • Liability Coverage: coverage for physical damages/bodily injuries that you inflict upon another vehicle/person/people

– When You are Not at Fault

  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: coverage for any expenses you have if you are in an accident who is uninsured/underinsured (i.e. they have little or no liability coverage)

 Vehicle Protection

  • Collision Coverage: coverage for any vehicular repairs or replacement after an accident
  • Comprehensive Coverage: coverage for things out of most people’s control (such as the weather, hitting a deer, etc.)
  • Emergency Road Service: coverage for roadside services (such as jump starts, tire changes, and lock-out services)
  • Rental Reimbursement Coverage: coverage for a rental car while your vehicle is getting repaired
  • Mechanical Coverage: coverage for parts and systems that may fail in your vehicle that is not caused by either normal wear and tear or improper maintenance

– Personal Protection

  • Medical Payments Coverage: coverage for any medical/funeral expenses for anyone in your vehicle (after an accident)
  • Personal Injury Protection: coverage for expenses where an accident caused an injury that prevented you from collecting your regular wages (no matter who is at fault for the accident)
  • Umbrella Policy: coverage for just about everything else you could be held liable for (most commonly used if a lawsuit were to be filed against you)

To add onto these standard options, Progressive goes a step further an offers a couple of specialty options:

  • Rideshare Coverage: coverage for anyone working for a ridesharing service (such as Lyft or Uber)
  • Loan/Lease Payoff Coverage: coverage that helps you pay off the loan/lease of your vehicle if it were to be totaled during an accident

But that’s not all! To top all of this off, Progressive also offers insurance policies for a multitude of vehicle types including motorcycles, boats/PWC, RVs, business vehicles, snowmobiles, and Segway HTs.

– Where is Progressive Available?

Progressive is currently available in all 50 states; however, rideshare coverage is not. That information is in the next section.

– Ridesharing Coverage

Progressive offers coverage for those individuals who provide ridesharing and on-demand delivery services, such as Lyft, Uber, and Grubhub in 36 states.

Something to make note of, however, is that this coverage type extends the exact same coverages that you have selected on your policy. This means that you would need the optional comprehensive and collision coverages to pay for any damage to your car.

– Commercial Coverage

Progressive offers commercial coverage for its customers. This means that if you plan on using your vehicle for business purposes, Progressive has an insurance plan for you.

– Discounts

Looking to save some extra cash on your policy? Make sure you check out the discounts below that Progressive offers to keep your hard-earned money in your wallet.

Discount Name Average Discount Details
Multi-Policy 5% If you have two or more policies with Progressive (for example: if you were to have an auto and home-owners policy with Progressive)
Snapshot Program $130 Their Snapshot program that personalizes your rate based on your driving.
Safe Driver 31% If you have no accidents/traffic violations in the past three years
Multi-Car 10% If you have more than one vehicle listed on your policy
Homeowner nearly 10% If you own a home (even if it is not insured through Progressive's network)
Sign Online nearly 8% If you sign your documents online
Online Quote 7% If you got your policy quote online (or if you start your quote online and a licensed Progressive representative finishes it for you over the phone
Paperless Varies If you opt to receive your documents via email (dependent on signing your documents online and is an addition to the sign online discount)
Continuous Insurance Varies If you switch to Progressive from another insurer, you won't lose any longevity benefits (discount value will depend on how long you've been consistently insured with no gaps or cancellations)
Teen Driver Varies If you're adding a teen driver to your policy
Good Student Varies If you have a student who maintains a "B" average or better (discount also applies to college students, students more than 100 miles from your residence, or is 22 years or younger)
Pay in Full Varies If you pay for your six month policy up front
Automatic Payment Varies If you set up automatic payments from a checking account to pay (you cannot combine the automatic payment and pay in full discounts)

In addition to the discounts above confirmed on Progressive’s website, we’ve found additional discounts offered by Progressive to help you save.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Adaptive Headlights
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Anti-Theft
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Defensive Driver
  • Drivers Ed
  • Driving Device/App
  • Early Signing
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Family Legacy
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Good Credit
  • Low Mileage
  • Married

So make sure you read up on all of their discounts, it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Making a Claim

Auto insurance is required for drivers in all states across the nation. It is there to help you protect yourself in the case of an accident, and can prevent you from going bankrupt from all the costs of an accident.

Before we dive into how exactly you would file a claim with Progressive, you need to understand how the financial aspects of it work. By knowing exactly how steady your insurance company is in taking premiums and paying out claims, you’ll get a better idea of what you should expect if YOU ever need to file a claim.

After that, we will then go into how you would need to make a claim. We’ll break down how the process works, and even what other customers have to say about it.

– Premiums Written and Loss Ratio

In the table below, we’ve listed the premiums written by Progressive in comparison to their loss ratio from 2015 to 2017.

Private Passenger Auto 2015 2016 2017
Premiums written $21,346,246,000
(21.3 billion)
(23.9 billion)
(27.8 billion)
Loss Ratio 61.39% 67.82% 64.49%

The total premiums written by Progressive has increased over this three-year period, indicating that they are experiencing a pretty hefty growth period compared to that of their competitors. The premiums written by Progressive has increased by close to $6 billion.

So what exactly does the loss ratio in the table above means? Well, a loss ratio indicates how much a company spends on their claims over how much money they receive on premiums.

So you can see above that Progressive’s loss ratio has been in the 60 percent range from 2015-2017. This means, for example, that a ratio of simply 60 percent would mean that they are spending $60 on claims for every $100 they’ve earned in premiums.

You want your insurance company to be the three little bears of loss ratios. Not too high, not too low, but just right.

A loss ratio that is over 100 percent means that a company is losing money and is in serious danger of going bankrupt. If a loss ratio is too low, it means the company isn’t paying out enough claims for their customers.

Progressive’s loss ratio has been in the 60 percent range during the same three years of growth, which is a very good thing.

This means that Progressive has a lot of loyalty to their customers, and are paying out exactly what their customers need for premiums.

– Ease of Making a Claim

There are several ways in which you can file, and track, a claim with Progressive.

  • Log in to your account online to submit a claim
  • Call 1-800-776-4737 to file and track your claim over the phone (available 24/7/365)
  • Use your Progressive Mobile App to start and track your claim

How to Get a Quote Online

Think that Progressive is the car insurance provider for you?

We’ve gone through step-by-step to show you how to get a quote from Progressive.

– Step One:

You’ll start by selecting the “Get a Quote” option on their main homepage. You’ll then see this option appear on your screen. Input your information and select “Get a Quote”.

– Step 2:

Once you’ve entered your zip code (for this example we selected a zipcode in North Carolina) and desired auto policy, you’ll be taken to the page below.

Input the requested information in the appropriate areas, and then select “Okay, start my quote”.

– Step 3:

You’ll then be taken to a page asking you about your vehicle.

Put in the year of your vehicle and the make/model. If you are adding multiple vehicles onto a policy, select the “Add another vehicle?” option and input the year of that/those vehicles and their make/model.

Once you’ve input the year/make/model, you will be prompted to enter the Body Type of that vehicle, the primary use (as in it’s it just for your personal use, will you use it for business travels, etc), the primary zip code (where your car will be located primarily), and whether you own/lease your vehicle (if you own your vehicle, it will ask if it is owned by two or more people).


Select “Done” when you have put all of this in for your vehicle. Repeat as many times until you have put in all of the desired vehicles you would like to add onto your policy, and then select “Continue”.

Should you want to save what information you’ve put in and return to it at a later date, select the “Save & Return Later” option at the bottom right of the window.

– Step 4:

You will then be taken to the “Drivers” section of your quote, in which you will input the information about you.

Fill out the desired information when prompted to complete this section.

If you want to add multiple people on your policy, once you’ve finished putting in your information, you will be taken to a page where you can add another driver. Select “add to quote” to fill out the same information for the other person/people you would like to add to your policy. Once you’ve put in all drivers, select “Continue”.

– Step 5:

You will then be taken to a section where you can review and verify all of your personal information.

Make sure that all of the information you put in is correct! When you have verified all of your information, select “Continue” at the bottom.

– Step 6

You will then be taken to the final details section of your quote. It will ask you a little more about your current auto insurance and whether or not you have been previously insured by Progressive.

– Step 7

The final step! You will see your policy quote on this screen, based on the information that you put in. You have several options that you are able to choose from.

You may review your quote offers, from the Basic package, Choice package, and Recommended package, based on what works for you.

Below the total policy price, you can see the “Policy Coverages”, “Coverage Amount/Deductible”, and “Cost”, which you can tweak based off of what you would like to add onto your policy. In the example above you can see that Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage wasn’t added onto our policy.

This is because North Carolina (the state we used for the example) does not require drivers to have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and is, therefore, an optional coverage we can add. If you live in a state that does require such policy coverage, your quote will automatically add this into your total cost.

Should you make the decision to choose Progressive for your auto policy insurance, select “Finish & Buy” and it will take you to payment information.

Progressive App

Progressive has a mobile app to help make the lives of its customers easier. It can be found in the Apple app store as well as on Google Play. It has a 3.4/5 star rating, as well as rated the number 13th top app in the finance section in the Apple store.

Progressive’s mobile app has several standard features that can be useful for drivers:

  • Pay your bills by credit card, debit card, checking account, and more
  • Digital ID cards (your real-time electronic insurance card) that have been optimized to fit onto your screen. (Most states in the nation accept this as your proof of insurance, all on your mobile device!)
  • View your coverages and policy details for your vehicles
  • Submitting a claim without having to make a phone call
  • Get roadside assistance

Progressive Website

Progressive’s website is an easy to navigate tool to help you get through to the information you’re looking for.

You can explore through their main homepage to see not only their auto insurance policies but their other insurance offerings as well.

In addition, they have mobile apps available on most smartphone devices, allowing you to get the information you need even more efficiently.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
24/7/365 Support High rates for poor driving history
Numerous discounts to help drivers offset cost of insurance High rates for poor credit history
Comparable rates despite commute distance in most states Accident forgiveness program is a separate cost
Customer Satisfaction ratings higher than other insurers Rates higher than state average in several states
Loss ratio is stable Mobile app ratings spotty based on customer experience
One of the only insurers who offers pet protection Financial strength ratings not as high as other insurers
"Name Your Price" option to cater your budget to the policy you can actually afford Not as many discounts as other competitors
Snapshot program to personalize your rate your YOUR driving Supplemental Coverage options harder to find
Reputation of helping high-risk drivers Teen driver rates higher than other insurers

Frequently Asked Questions

Have further questions about Progressive? We’ve answered a few common questions people have about Progressive below.

– What is the Progressive Snapshot?

We’ve mentioned it briefly in an earlier section but never went into full detail about all of the benefits the Snapshot program can offer drivers. This program offers you rates based on how you normally drive. You use a telematics device installed into your vehicle, or through the Snapshot mobile app itself.

The device/app then monitors the time you spend driving as well as any habits you may be prone to such as speeding, sudden braking, and more. It then calculates the rate based on the data it receives. Who has the most to gain from this program?

Anyone confident in their driving abilities! If you think you are a particularly safe driver you may see a lot of savings using this program.

– What is the Deductible Savings Bank and will it help me?

Great question! We also mentioned this briefly in a previous section but didn’t get to tell you about how it would benefit you. The deductible savings bank essentially helps you pay your deductible.

Once you add this feature to your policy, you will automatically be subtracted $50 from your collision and comprehensive deductible for every claim-free policy period. So if you go your policy period (six months for example) without making a claim, you get deducted $50 from what you paid for your collision/comprehensive deductible.

So for example, let’s say you were to choose a $500 deductible for your comprehensive and collision on your policy. You then go six months (on your policy period) without making a claim.

At the end of that period, your deductible will then drop to $450. Let’s say you keep going and the next policy period comes to an end and you have yet again made no claims, you would then go down an extra $50 to a $400 deductible.

This savings bank allows you to try to get all the way down to $0.

– What is the ‘Name Your Price’ Tool?

The name your price tool allows customers to tailor their insurance policy to their budget. You’ll input information into the system and Progressive will give you a range of car insurance coverage options to meet your needs.

To utilize this, you go through three steps:

  1. Get a Quote – You’ll give them some basic information about yourself and your vehicle to determine the lowest and highest possible prices you could get
  2. Use the Name Your Price Tool – After you’ve gotten all of your information in on your quote, you’ll see a Name Your Price option on the page for you to select
  3. See your coverage options and purchase – You’ll then see all of your coverage options, you can even adjust your coverages to get the policy you desire.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Progressive is one of the largest car insurance companies in the nation and offers competitive rates across the board.

They do offer higher rates for particular demographics (such as poor credit history, driving record, etc.), but tend to work the best for high-risk drivers and low-mileage drivers.

But, Progressive does offer an extensive number of discounts and programs that are geared to getting you the coverage you need within your budget. While their financial strength ratings may not be quite as high as others, this does not deter from the fact that they do have GOOD financial strength ratings.

Progressive has a history of landing in the nation’s top auto insurance companies, and for a reason. They try to put their customer’s needs first with all of the programs they offer, and despite their size, they tend to receive fewer customer complaints compared to their competition.

Check out Progressive and get a quote today to see how much you could save on car insurance.

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