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Does car insurance pay for a bad engine?

Replacing an engine is one of the most expensive repair costs for any automobile and for many people the first question asked is – will car insurance pay to repair a bad engine?

Most of today’s engines are reported to last well over 100,000 miles but its still common to hear of drivers experience a broken engine much earlier than expected and the cost can easily run $5,000, $10,000 or even higher depending on the make and model of your car.

For owners of late model cars most engine repair is usually covered by the manufacturer warranty however when you are out of warranty will car insurance pay to repair a bad engine?

The answer is No.

The purpose of car insurance coverage is to protect you financially from damage and/or injuries sustained by car accidents and not to provide coverage for vehicle maintenance or repair simply due to wear and tear.

If an engine breaks downs your car insurance company will not pay for the repair so depending on the cost you need to make a choice of either pay the repair bill or purchase a new car.

How to Maintain Your Engine

Some drivers assume a car will last forever and while this is possible depending on the use of the vehicle you also need to take care of the vehicle as many things which make a car run are in limited quality and need to be replaced. Think of gasoline. Most cars can drive around 400 miles on a full tank but have to be refueled so you can start again. The engine has some critical components such as air filters and engine oil which all have to be maintained properly to keep the vehicle in shape. Any lapse in maintenance can cause a lot of problems and if you are out of warranty then a repair bill can end up being very expensive if the proper maintenance has not been done.  If you own a vehicle you really should take it in to a local garage at least every 6 months and have a total health check performed.

Warranty and Extended Warranty Plans

Almost all cars sold today come with a warranty plan with many offering full coverage for the first 50,000 miles or more. While your vehicle is in warranty most drivers will not have to worry about engine repair as it almost always covered by a manufacturers warranty (see your policy for specifics) however when your warranty expires it’s a good idea to consider an extended warranty program. The cost of extended warranty programs will vary but they usually run around $1,000 for most vehicles and extended your coverage quite a while. The exact cost and length of any extended warranty options will be based on your type of car, its current mileage and a few other small items. Purchasing extended warranty coverage is much less complicated than choosing the right car insurance policy.

When does Car Insurance cover my Engine?

Car insurance is designed to protect you from damages sustained by a car accident however a car accident does not mean two cars have to collide. Many times drivers experience damage by events which involve no other vehicle – such as a tree falling down or getting stuck in a rainstorm and flooding your engine. While car insurance does not cover normal wear and tear if your engine was damaged to certain events covered under your auto insurance policy you will be covered. An easy to understand explanation of when car insurance coverage helps covers engine damage is:

“ Car insurance will most likely cover any damage to an engine caused by an external force other than normal wear and tear … assuming you have the right type of car insurance coverage”

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