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Automobile Insurance

What is automobile insurance? Believe it or not many consumers think automobile insurance is insurance just for the vehicle yet it really is much more.

Automobile insurance coverage is a type of insurance designed to protect you, your vehicle and the people/property around you although it depends on what types of automobile insurance coverage you have whether or not a particular situation falls under the terms of your policy.

About Automobile Insurance

The idea of automobile insurance can be traced back to Chinese origins. When new colonies were discovered investors would send vast cargo ships abroad with supplies. From time to time the contents of these cargo ships were lost from accidents at sea or just piracy. As an added measure to protect the investor’s cargo marine insurance was purchased to provide coverage for any lost cargo.

Almost all types of insurance today are spin-offs from marine insurance. In the 1800’s it was decided that any operation of a motorized vehicle on public property was a privilege and vehicle owners should have some form of insurance in place to protect innocent parties against damage and/or bodily injury.

When was the First Car Insurance Policy written?

Dr. Truman J. Martin was the first policyholder of a liability automobile insurance policy in the USA back in 1898. Although the very first policy was written in England a few years before Dr. Martin is known as the very first person to have auto insurance in this United States.

For the next 40 years automobile insurance was still optional until 1927 when the State of Massachusetts introduced the very first mandatory automobile insurance law.

How many people have car insurance today?

There over 300 million car insurance policies in-force within the United States today however thousands of drivers still carry no insurance. Most states have minimum automobile insurance requirements for liability coverage and fines for driving with no automobile insurance can range from a small monetary fine to jail time.

How do I find an Automobile Insurance Company?

There are hundreds of auto insurance companies who provide coverage today so consumers benefit from having both a wide choice of providers and a very competitive market keeping auto insurance rates primarily affordable for many. The best way to find a new auto insurance company is to start car insurance comparison online. As with the purchase of any product or service you really need to compare providers and choose the one best for your unique profile.

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