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Car Insurance Comparison by State

Moving residences or ever wonder why friends pay lower car insurance rates? Where you live is one of the main components for calculating car insurance rates. The auto insurance comparison by state is a common search amount drivers and depends on a few different things.

While its true your personal driving history and the type of vehicle insured are the largest influences when it comes to car insurance premiums the state where the vehicle is registered can account for up to 20% of the cost.

Why Rates Vary by State

Most drivers think the bigger states are the most expensive but is California car insurance really more expensive than Oklahoma Car Insurance? The comparison of car insurance in various states/cities is determined by several aspects.

Every year reports are published about the average cost for car insurance and sometimes the results are surprising. posted one such report of car insurance comparison by state (2010) and the most expensive state was one most consumers would probably never guess.

Louisiana was the HIGHEST state averaging $2,510.87 annually in car insurance premiums!

In fact, Louisiana car insurance rates were almost 20% higher than the second place state, Michigan. California was #5. The complete list of average annual car insurance premiums as published by (a study by Quadrant Information Services) is to the right:

The national average car insurance premium was $1,429.26.

This data was based on a 40 year old male driver using specific common criteria but it does clearly show a huge difference between many states.

How to Find the Cheapest Insurance

We love statistics as much as any math geek but realistically state average car insurance rates are generally used for greater purposes than identifying how much an individual consumer will pay.

Car insurance companies have risk assessment down to a ZIP code. Seriously, the state is one factor but your location in the state is just as important. In California, for example, drivers in Los Angeles or San Diego and other heavily populated areas will almost always pay more than drivers in Santa Barbara or Ojai. With population increases risk.

Other factors which play in to the logic behind calculating risk at a zip code level also include the rate of auto theft in the area.

How do I get a Car Insurance Quote for my unique profile?

That’s the easy part. Car insurance comparison by state will certainly provide you with a window of education why friends and family members may have lower auto insurance rates but the only way to get quotes specific to your unique profile is to compare car insurance companies.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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