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Key takeaways...
  • PIP insurance covers medical expenses if you’re involved in an accident
  • Personal injury protection is a form of No-Fault Coverage
  • Every state has its own minimum level of required insurance coverage

Personal injury protection is an element of car insurance commonly referred to as PIP.

PIP is the part of your car insurance policy that provides payments for medical expenses related to the policyholder and passengers of an insured vehicle in the event of a car accident.

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What is PIP?

The way car insurance companies provide personal injury protection is a form of No-Fault Coverage whereas in the event of an automobile accident each drivers PIP coverage will cover expenses for the related parties – no matter who is at fault.

Such expenses covered under the personal injury protection portion of your car insurance policy include:

  • Hospital Visits
  • Surgery Costs
  • Almost any Medical Related Expenses
  • Funeral / Burial Expenses

Every state sets minimum car insurance requirements for personal injury protection with most minimum limits far less than you need should anything more than a minor car accident happen so always consult with your auto insurance company about increased personal injury protection coverage.

A single night in the emergency room could cost you $20,000 or more, yet many states require only a minimum of $10,000.

It is never in a drivers best interest to simply purchase the minimum required by law.

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