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Top 10 Delaware Car Insurance Companies

The automobile insurance industry in Delaware is a highly competitive business. Consumers are able to choose from a large selection of companies offering a wide variety of policy options. Find the best car insurance companies with our FREE ZIP code search!

According to the State of Delaware Insurance Commissioner’s Office, the top 10 Delaware auto insurance companies account for 86% of the auto insurance sold in the state, mainly due to the high level of customer service they offer and the quality of products they have available to consumers.

sentry car insurance10. Sentry Insurance

Sentry Insurance sells approximately 3% of all insurance in Delaware. One of the United States’ largest and strongest companies, Sentry’s full line of auto insurance includes discounts for multiple vehicles, students, installation of anti-theft devices, and safe drivers. Customers are also able to purchase auto insurance policies that offer cash rewards and to insure motorcycles, RVs and boats through the company as well.

9. AIG

American International Group, or AIG Insurance, sells approximately 3% of the insurance in Delaware. Based in New York City, the company has a European headquarters in Croydon, England as well. In 2006, Forbes Magazine ranked AIG as the fourth largest company in the world.

As one of the largest underwriters of commercial and industrial insurance, AIG’s personal lines place emphasis on auto insurance. The company offers many different policies many of which include special criteria discounts.

8. Hartford Fire and Casualty

With 4% of the auto insurance sales in the state, Hartford Fire and Casualty ranks as the eighth auto insurance company in Delaware. One of the oldest insurance companies in the United States and better known for their life insurance policies, Hartford began offering auto policies as well in 1984, quickly moving into the top 10 auto insurance companies in the state.

Hartford offers a wide range of policies with multi-vehicle and safe driver discounts. In addition, Hartford sponsors many Defensive Driver courses throughout the state and offers discounts to customers who attend the classes.


Dover Air Force Base, which is located in Dover, Delaware, probably accounts for the reason that USAA sells approximately 5% of the auto insurance in the state. The base employs more than 6,400 active duty, reservist and civilian personnel and around 5,100 family members are also supported by the base.

Offered to members of the military, veterans and their families, USAA offers award winning customer service. The company ranks as one of the best for customer advocacy and offers discounts that save their members an average of $450 per year.

6. Allstate

Allstate, like USAA, sells approximately 5% of the auto insurance in the state. The second largest personal lines insurer, Allstate was founded in 1931 by Sears Roebuck. In fact, auto insurance represents approximately 70% of Allstate’s business. The company routinely receives superior ratings from Best’s insurance rankings. They offer a variety of automobile, motorcycle and RV insurance policies with special criteria discounts.

5. Liberty Mutual

Founded in 1912 in Boston, Massachusetts, Liberty Mutual sells approximately 7% of the insurance in the state. Liberty Mutual provides coverage for automobiles, motorcycles and RVs and generates approximately $21.2 billion in revenue.

The company has received multiple awards and honors, including the National Safety Council’s Green Cross for Safety Medal and the Better Business Bureau’s Local Torch Award for Excellence.

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway purchased Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) in 1996. Berkshire Hathaway sells 7% of the auto insurance in the state under the GEICO brand. The company offers primarily private automobile insurance policies without the use of agents.

Instead, customers contact GEICO directly in order to purchase policies that offer a multitude of discounts, including multi-vehicle and safe driver. Because they do not use agents, the company claims to be able to offer lower rates than other insurance companies are. In addition, customers are able to submit claims directly to GEICO through their website that also reduces claim resolution times.

compare geico car insurance3. Progressive

Progressive sells 10% of all the automobile insurance in the state of Delaware. Originially, Progressive’s policyholders were considered high-risk drivers based on information in their driving records and their rates were significantly higher than that of other companies.

Today, Progressive is known for allowing consumers to compare Progressive’s rates to other insurance companies to insure they are getting the lowest rate possible. Although not available in Delaware, Progressive is also famous for the “Snapshot” program which offers discounts of up to 30% for drivers who agree to install a small diagnostic device in their car.

2. State Farm

With 22% of the auto insurance sales in the state, State Farm is one of the most well known and respected insurance companies available. Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois and originally founded as a mutual automobile insurance company, State Farm was founded in 1922, specializing in auto insurance for farmers. The company quickly expanded to include other types of insurance as well.

Providing stranded motorists with free roadside assistance, the State Farm Safety Patrol is another service offered by the company, providing fuel refills, radiator refills, and engine oil refills. In addition, Safety Patrol personnel are trained in CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use. The State Farm Youth Advisory Board helps develop advertising and literature designed to address safety issues across the United States and Canada.

smartphone1. Nationwide

Almost one-quarter of all insurance sold in the state of Delaware is sold by Nationwide Insurance. According to Nationwide, the company began as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company in 1925 before expanding into five eastern states. The purchase of a fire insurance company further expanded the company in 1934. As one of the oldest automobile insurance companies in the state, Nationwide continues to remain ahead of the competition by offering a wide range of policies at rates significantly lower than other insurance companies offer.

In 2009, Nationwide was the first agency to release a free iPhone application for Nationwide customers to assist drivers after an accident. The application helps customers start the claims process, find Nationwide-certified repair shops and assists drivers in exchanging insurance information. An Android version of the application is now available as well.

The 10 best automobile insurance companies in Delaware offer a wide range of products and policies that will benefit any automobile owner in the state. Several of the companies offer direct sales through their company website, while others sell policies using licensed agents. Compare car insurance policies with our FREE comparison tool!

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