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Key takeaways...
  • BMWs are extremely popular cars in the USA
  • Car insurance for luxury cars is usually more expensive when compared to a family-style cars
  • Drivers with good driving records and students will good grades are rewarded with discounts

BMW cars are extremely popular especially the BMW 3 series however what car insurance company has the best BMW auto insurance rates?

Obviously, BMW is a luxury brand and you will pay more for car insurance then less expensive vehicles, however, drivers can be assured almost every BMW comes equipped with a wide range of safety features which does help lower premiums a little.

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Why are luxury cars more expensive to insure?

As an individual brand, BMW cars are not any more expensive to insure than a Lexus, Mercedes or other similar luxury cars

However luxury cars as a group do have a few solid reasons why car insurance costs are higher than normal cars.

  • Cost – Luxury cars cost more and with a higher replacement or repair cost comes with a higher risk
  • Theft  Luxury cars are very popular targets of auto theft
  • Speed – Almost all luxury vehicles have fast engines and with greater horsepower comes greater risk a driver may speed

The risk of almost any common luxury car is more to do with replacement cost than anything else.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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BMW Car Insurance Requirements (Leasing a BMW)

When you purchase a car you have an option of securing almost any type of coverage as long as the coverage meets or exceeds state minimum requirements, however, leasing a car is entirely different.

When you lease a vehicle the car leasing company will almost always require much more coverage than state minimum requirements.

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BMW Car Insurance Discounts

One of the most common car insurance discounts is for safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes.

Almost all BMW cars have a long list of safety features so you will probably get some car insurance discounts right away simply by providing your car insurance company with the VIN number.

However, safety features are not the only types of discounts drivers can get.

From multi-policy discounts to good grade discounts for young drivers (with generous parents) a long list of auto insurance discounts are available and almost all luxury car owners can take advantage of these.

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BMW Car Insurance Companies

No matter where you live finding a BMW car insurance company is easy.

Although BMW vehicles are considered luxury cars they are not so unique only specialty insurers have programs.

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Most BMW cars are still only a fraction of the price of some of these automobiles. Find low-cost car insurance now! Enter your zip code below to get started for FREE!

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